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Jammer’s Quest is a new iPhone game courtesy of the charitable people over at Awesome Possum, who’ve kindly offered a little green guy their app making services to help recover his stolen property.  Faith in humanity restored.

A classic puzzle game at heart, Jammer’s Quest is a basic but curiously satisfying iPhone app that offers hours of mental exercise to those who can’t let problems go until they’ve solved.

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Your mission is to help Jammer, a tiny green blob from a planet far far away, reclaim golden stars from a bunch of primary colored one-eye goons, who  probably trying to compensate for years of Cyclops name-calling in grade school with some fresh bling. Who can blame them?

It’s a turn-based game, and each round you move Jammer one block in any direction, before watching the bad guys move two or three. To snatch the stars first, therefore, you must use a combination of obstacle trickery, power ups and A-grade cunning to outsmart the bad guys, who for some reason decided it was a good idea to leave them littered around the place.

Jammer’s Quest offers 100 levels of fun

There’s a whopping 100 levels to conquer, with each providing a point score and star rating depending on your moves. If you love simple puzzles that slowly crank up the difficulty then is gonna to be your jam. It can get quite repetitive in one session, though, so to get the most of of Jammer’s Quest we recommend attacking it in over a number of short sessions.

I consider myself pretty handy with these iPhone game types but after three levels things got considerably hard. Be prepared for a bit of a fight. Having said that however, a lot of iPhone games out there don’t push their users hard enough – so it’s actually a welcome feature.

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Power ups are an effective tactic to distance yourself from opponents, and there’s a few to choose from: a cherry bomb, pair of wings and a mario-like mushroom, all having various effects on the game. Unfortunately, each will cost you 20 sapphires, the game’s in-app currency.

Power ups for Jammer’s Quest come at a price

Starting out you’re given 100 sapphires to play with, but once they run dry (which is very quickly) you can only procure more by either purchasing a further 100 for 0.99 in the app store or viewing in-game ads. Annoyingly, each ad only gives you one or two so it takes 10-20 views to afford a power-up. This is probably the most frustrating part of the game and it does affect gameplay, particularly in later levels.

The sound effects in Jammer’s Quest are a small win, particularly with the expensive power ups, and provide a comical touch to an otherwise repetitive gaming experience.

Our verdict on iPhone game Jammer’s Quest

With it’s challenging nature and simple concept, Jammer’s Quest is likely to be popular with puzzle lovers who like to exercise their brain while on the bus or eating lunch. The app is quick, challenging and doesn’t require too much investment, though we think it should offer users a fairer go with in-app purchases.

Jammer’s Quest requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.