KRAIT – The World’s First Modular Power Strip

The term “Evolution” holds a significant value in this era of digital development. Almost everything we knew before is evolving to its better version. Otherwise, an alternate comes out with old and new features that appeal to the masses.

The same can be said for the World’s first modular power strip by Innfact. If you are unfamiliar with it, no need to worry! Here’s all you need to know about the power strip.

Everything You Need to know about KRAIT Modular Power Strip

  • What is KRAIT?
    Krait is an innovative power strip designed to be safer, faster, and more reliable than its traditional versions. It has a puzzle-like body and can charge tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. The power strip offers a total power support of 1650W.
    And that’s not it. Krait is equipped with an intelligent overloaded shutdown. Once your devices are charged, the power strip turns off automatically. This feature saves your devices as well as Krait itself.
    The biggest benefit of having Krait is its convenience and ease of use. Now, you do not have to go through tons of adapters and power strips to find the right one. Thus, it minimizes the clutter while providing maximum convenience to users.
  • How Does KRAIT Work?

Krait, the modular power strip, consists of three puzzle parts:

The Source

The Source Puzzle is the central part of the power strip. It supports the total power and has the intelligent overloaded shutdown feature. Moreover, the source part is built with 4 LED indicators to monitor current. It is available in a range of power cord lengths.

The AC Puzzle

The AC Puzzle is equipped with three separate AC outlets. These support Taiwan, the U.S, and Japan plugs. This part also has an impressive, intelligent Auto shut protection feature.
Moreover, you can control the Krait’s AC part with a remote. It will allow you to manage each outlet with a built-in programmable timer.

The DC Puzzle

The DC puzzle part of Krait is equipped with four USB ports, two Type-A and two Type-C. They support 65 to 100W power and have extra-fast charging features for smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
You can easily turn on and off the power with a simple switch.

Plug Puzzle

The Plug Puzzle turns the DC Puzzle part into a charger. This part is also available for all three plug types.

When will Krait Launch?

The Krait will be launched on the Indiegogo on January 15, 2022. The sign-up process is simple and comes with some exclusive benefits. You can get a huge 50% off on prelaunch till January 14, 2022.
If that’s not enough, the early bids will start on the day of its launch. And, they start as low as $35.
You can sign up now to avail the bonus discount!


It is safe to say that Krait Modular Power Strip will surely bring advancement to the industry. It has intelligent features that have not been observed in a power strip before. Plus, the huge 50% off deal makes it an affordable and a MUST-HAVE gadget to have in your home.