xbox 720

xbox 720

New reports are now placing a PS4 reveal before the Xbox 720 announcement

Many reports leading up to the beginning of April had placed Microsoft to finally announce the Xbox 720 by the end of April.  However, this date has reportedly been changed to May 21st according to multiple analysts.  This date makes more sense than a reveal later this month and will also reduce the time between an initial announcement and a full reveal which will come at E3 in June.

Pushing back the Xbox 720 announcement has provided Sony with a golden opportunity to completely show off the PS4 to the public sometime this month or early in May.  Either way, it is extremely likely that the PS4 will be revealed before Microsoft has their initial Xbox 720 event.  It seems as though the whole “always-on” controversy could have affected Microsoft’s decision to change the date of their event.  Of course there is no full-proof way to know if that controversy  affected the decision, but it seems to be a good possibility.

As far as the PS4 reveal goes, Sony has already shown off the controller and camera for the console but has not released any pictures or detailed information regarding the PS4 itself.  If all of the current reports are to be believed, it is most likely that Sony will have a complete PS4 reveal by the beginning of May.  Unlike Sony, Microsoft has technically never even announced that there would be a new console coming out, but I think it is safe to say that we know the Xbox 720 is on its way.

The other main aspect to Microsoft’s big reveal in June will be their Build conference.  Build will focus on Microsoft’s overall agenda for the Next Generation which will almost certainly include the Xbox 720.

So, no matter what the exact dates of the Xbox 720 and PS4 events end up being, expect this summer to be very busy for both Microsoft and Sony.

Addit: the Xbox 720 is the Xbox One and it’s here – click to get the full story.


  1. Just so you know, that is strictly rumor at this point, like everything else. I highly doubt anyone knows the price point of the next Xbox right now, it could change depending on the competition. A lot of things could still change.

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