Layers of Fear for iOS Review

Layers of Fear is a novel horror game that’s recently appeared on the App Store. I took Bloober Team’s game out for a spin, and here’s my Layers of Fear review.

First Impressions

Layers of Fear’s story is the stuff of nightmares, and something that hasn’t been done to death.

The 3D horror game starts with you entering a painter’s mind who’s been driven mad in hopes that you can help him complete his greatest work yet. Unfortunately, his fractured psyche sends you to a Victorian Era mansion full of spooks and horrors.

Horror Game

The developers have nailed the psychological horror just right, and there’s enough eye candy and shock value to propel you from start to finish. I was immersed and somewhere in between wanting to get to the bottom of the matter to just closing the game because it’s too scary to continue.

Layers of Fear


Layers of Fear has been optimized for the mobile, with touch aspects working just right in the 3D environment.

Exploration largely depends on what objects you inspect, collect and use throughout. You get from one room to another, reading cryptic notes and solving puzzles along the way.

Layers of Fear

The shifting scenes add to the experience- one moment, you’re looking at something that catches your eye, and then the next the room has changed with jumpscare elements thrown your way.

The rooms you’ll explore aren’t brown and bare, like most games of its kind. The developers have fleshed out blank spaces with original art, and the music is something to look forward to as well. If you have a strong stomach for fear, play the game with headphones and the volume turned up for a greater experience.

Final Thoughts

Layers of Fear is a one-of-a-kind game with some original elements that make for a unique experience. For the ultimate scare, play it in a darkened room with the audio turned up.