lcd iPhone
LCD based iPhone

As Apple readies its upcoming LCD iPhone, which will be bezel-less, reports suggest that it help will improve cash flow. Bank of America analyst, Wamsi Mohan says that, Apple has to keep its sales figures up, as China has become a critical market. Especially after the US government began the trade wars as it wants to focus more on improving their own economy.

Trade Wars: The Force Awakens

Donald Trump led government wants Apple to manufacture its products in the US. As that will help create more jobs in the country but doing so, will not be cheap. Apple began laying foundations for its upcoming products to be assembled in the US, so as to comply. The company did set up a manufacturing centre in the US in the past to build the Mac Pro but things didn’t exactly turn out as planned.

the LCD iPhone will be priced $799

Assembling the Mac Pro turned out to be a painful task and it being Apple’s first ever in the US, didn’t help either. The shipping times were very bad; it had become very difficult to buy the expensive-beastly machine.

LCD iPhone

In terms of pricing, the LCD-based iPhone will sell for $799, falling under iPhone 8 Plus’ radar. It’s not exactly cheap but its speculated to ship with iPhone X features like FaceID and bezel-less display. The camera setup on the back will include just one sensor unlike the iPhone X. Google does ‘Portrait Mode’ with a single camera, and it would be great if Apple do the same.

Mohan also notes that, China will likely not go after Apple, as the company manufactures millions of devices in China. Also, the long running relationship between Foxconn and Apple suggests that there is little or no risk. Cost increase or a backlash to iPhone sales, also, don’t seem plausible.

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