Lenovo N20 And N20P Chromebooks Announced

Lenovo is pumping out even more Chromebooks according to an announcement Tuesday. The company is releasing two devices, the N20 and the N20P, with the main difference between the two being that the N20P has a touch-screen and can fold like a Yoga.

Lenovo N20 And N20P Chromebooks AnnouncedEven though the N20P’s folding screen is interesting and may even be a selling feature, it isn’t a convertible laptop because the screen only goes back 300 degrees. In comparison, the Lenovo Yoga devices can lay completely flat like a tablet or they can be propped up for use as a laptop.

Lenovo N20P Sort Of Like The Yoga

Touchscreens Chromebooks are just now becoming a thing, even though Chrome OS devices have been coming out for a little while. Acer’s C720P became the first touch-screen Chromebook earlier this year (outside of Google’s Chromebook Pixel) and now the N20P will become the first semi-convertible Chrome OS laptop.

For many people, the addition of a touch-enabled display to the popular Acer C720 made the upgrade worthwhile. With this in mind, at least the N20P should have no trouble finding consumers who are interested.

Lenovo has been doubling down on touch-screen devices during the past year and it has been one of the few companies to be successful in the convertible laptop market thanks to products like the Yoga. While there are definitely some similar features found on the N20P Chromebook and the Yoga, they are also very different devices.

If the Chromebook were able to lie flat like the Yoga, it would technically be the first Chrome OS tablet but since it cannot, there is just another way to use the device’s touch-screen.

N20P And N20: The Specs

Looking beyond the touch-screen and hinge differences, the N20 and N20P are very similar. Both Chromebooks are 11.6-inches and they come with Intel Celeron processors, 4GB of RAM, and 16GB of on-board storage.

The N20 will be available for $279 beginning in July, while its touch-screen brother will be made available for $329 in August.

Summary: Lenovo has announced the N20 and N20P Chromebooks. The N20 is a touch-screen Chrome OS device and it comes with a folding hinge reminiscent of the Lenovo Yoga.

image via geekygadgets

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