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Liquid Wallet

Have a think about the three things that are just about always in your pockets. Keys, wallet and phone, right? Well it seems crazy that no-one had ever thought to combine two of these things – seeing as they always travel together.

The Liquid Wallet from Liquid Co in Melbourne, Australia, has come up with a unique design for a wallet that combines card and cash carrying capability with a purpose-built section for your keys. The idea for the Liquid Wallet is based upon the design principles of utility and minimalism – and at just 1.4cm thick and a fraction longer than a credit card, the Liquid Wallet certainly fits that bill. liquid-wallet-1Made from machine-cut anodized aluminium and featuring a scratch resistant surface, the Liquid Wallet has 4 adjustable screws that you can secure your keys with. The design allows the keys to swing out from within the wallet so you can open your house/car door and then neatly hide away again.

The Liquid Wallet also comes with an optional keyring attachment for those times when you need some additional key-carrying capacity. liquid-wallet-2 For now, the Liquid Wallet comes in two colour options Рblack and military green. If you back the project on Kickstarter you can pick up the wallet in either of these two colours for just $49. The Liquid Wallet campaign has two weeks to go and has already almost doubled their $8000 target. Take a look at the project here and have a look at their video below.



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