Everyone remembers the Locationgate scandal that surfaced back in April. Users went bananas when it was discovered that iPhones were taking samples of their locations and filing them away for later access. The first such lawsuit over the location tracking data has resulted in a seven figure monetary settlement.

The lawsuit settled for around one million KRW, which translates to approximately $950 US.

Apple has already made the $946 payment to Mirae Law, the law firm that successfully beat out Apple. The South Korean based group has reportedly launched a web site for other South Koreans to get in on the class action lawsuit.

While $950 is chump change to Apple, the implications of this successful suit may cause problems for Steve Jobs down the road. One successful case can lead to more successful cases, and so forth.

While this particular payout doesn’t seem like much, it’s not this payment that has to concern Apple… it’s the possibility of other payments down the line.