The Lost Treasure Island is a first person puzzle survivalist adventure game from Project One Games. It begins with the player swimming to shore after apparently crash landing on a deserted treasure island, wherein which the player must solve puzzles and react quickly to progress and ultimately survive.

What does it do?

The app very quickly throws the player into the deep end, with one puzzle appearing right at the beginning of the adventure. The puzzle also shoots the player if they enter the code incorrectly – so no button bashing or random guessing allowed on this one, as you will soon find that your energy bar quickly deteriorates. The puzzles are reminiscent of app games such as The Room or Rhianna Ford – a realistic-type drawing of a stone panel, upon which the player has to select the right tiles in the correct order to unlock the puzzle and continue the quest line. Again, much like other popular narrative puzzle games on the app store, the answer to one puzzle is usually located somewhere in the immediate area – prepare to take screenshots or have a pen and paper handy to write down codes and symbols.


The puzzles gradually progress in difficulty, with various different methods used to solve each one. Some of the puzzles require touching or sliding pieces in order to make them fit together, whilst others test memory or code breaking skills. For instance, one puzzle has the player arrange several stone flower petals in such a way that water drips onto a secret switch at the bottom of the fountain. There are also the familiar titbits of information hidden throughout the various puzzle rooms – from diary entries to messages in bottles – which tell tales of other survivors on the island that lived there before the player arrived. If you are familiar with puzzle gameplay and narrative scripts – much like The Room – then this is the game for you.


Tapscape’s Final Thoughts

The Lost Treasure Island is a quirky and fun little spin on the popular first person puzzle franchise. The graphics and animations, whilst still in their infancy pre launch, are impressive and immersive Рthe various creatures of the island do seem to stalk the character, and the island itself is deep and natural looking, with looming mountains and leafy forests. All in all, it is a pretty and fun little game, with lots to keep both the imagination and the more puzzling mind occupied.