2013 MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is reportedly experiencing some teething issues with its new flagship feature. It was greatly advertised that the new MacBook Air featured 802.11ac capability – a new WiFi standard that has better performance over the previous 802.11n standard most of us are currently using at the moment. However, it would appear that issues within Mountain Lion could be causing the WiFi to experience problems with the new lineup.


The new MacBook Air was demoed with the new OS X Mavericks software, so the issue has only become apparent in the last few days, but Apple are said to be independently working to capture the affected units.

Is the new MacBook Air flawed?

According to various sources, Apple is aware of the issue and are taking the necessary steps to investigate what the issue is. In the mean time, it is said that Apple has instructed the AppleCare and Apple Store Genius Bar employees to capture these affected MacBook Air units in order to be sent back to Apple for further testing. It is hoped that these affected units can help accelerate a fix for the 802.11ac WiFi issues.

The instructions to the Apple Store Genius Bar employees already seem in full effect, with stories appearing on the Internet of customers already getting issues replacement MacBook Airs. One user popped by their local store with WiFi issues and was issued with a replacement MacBook Air, together with a complimentary USB-to-ethernet adapter so they wouldn’t be forced to use WiFi if further issues were experienced. Whilst no means is that considered Apples’ fix, nor admission that there is a fault with every new MacBook Air, but it is reassuring to see Apple taking prompt action to resolve a fault.

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