Managing stress during a job interview

You have been looking for a job, but the most scaring thing is you’re stressed over the interview.

You’re not alone- many people have the same problem. There’s a high level of anxiety around interviewing, which paralyzes many people, especially if it’s your first time. It can even sabotage your chances of getting that job.

For you to succeed in your interview, you must find a way of keeping anxiety under control. 

This article gives you tips on how to manage your pre-interview and the interview jitters.

Prepare Adequately

One way of easing interview stress is by ensuring you do thorough preparation. Which are your most relevant skills? Be ready to share the anecdotes on how you applied such skills and talents in your previous role and how you achieved success.

Proper preparation ensures that your confidence is intact, and in case you’re faced with challenging questions, you’ve a way of navigating through. Do some proper research around your subject- for instance, if you’re going for an accountants’ interview, you must have all the information ready- read books, get information on the internet and equip yourself.

Imagine of a Problematic Interview.

A perfect way of managing interview stress is through facing the hard reality prior to the real thing. Think of the worst-case where you’ve to meet a panel that is out to discourage, keep you off and deny you the job. That will push you to do your research, get all the information required, and deal with your fear.  You can also get a friend to help you do a mock interview. That will get you ready, even for an unfriendly panel.

Research the Prospective Employer

You’re looking for a job in a company that you’ve no clue about. You can’t just wait for the day to face a panel. That could frustrate you badly. Look for information about the company. Check out their profile; how is the organization structure? What is the company philosophy? Get to know the necessary information about the company- things like; who’s the CEO.

Again, be prepared to show why you are the perfect fit for the job opportunity. You should show why the employer desperately needs you.

Avoid Negative Thinking

If you keep thinking of how you could fail the interview could impair your approach and paralyze you during the interview. To lower anxiety levels, you need to identify and counter anxiety-provoking thoughts.

Keep off thoughts like; I must get this job, or else…., I just messed up, and I have lost the opportunity……; I am not prepared enough, and the first question will throw me off-balance… and such demoralizing questions.

Focus on Success

Research has shown that visualizing success images is a perfect way of alleviating anxiety as you improve performance. Visualize some positive encounters with your panel, especially a few minutes before the interview. That helps you gather energy, and you can confidently face your interviewer. You will have the energy to ride through successfully.

Before you go for that interview, you need some career advice on the best approach to managing your fears and anxiety. You need to read and prepare thoroughly so that you have your facts right. Most importantly, ready for the worst and visualize success.

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