Mobile Gaming Has Made the Inaccessible Accessible
Image: Pixabay

The great thing about internet-enabled technology is that it has the ability to take the inaccessible and make it accessible. Everything from information to entertainment that was either once impossible to find or, at the least, hard to acquire, can now be had in the click of a few buttons.

Indeed, if you’re a fan of movies, then there are now at leastĀ seven ways you can stream content to your Android phone and save yourself a trip to the cinema. In this respect, gaming is no different and in the last few years, players have been given the chance to access new worlds wherever they are in the world.

Mobile gaming has become big business, asĀ since 2015 it’s actually overtaken its PC and console counterparts. Today, according to Newzoo, mobile games account for 82% of global app revenue. Assessing downloads and sales in 2016, the market research agency found that mobile gaming apps generated $36.5 billion of the $44.8 billion earned by apps last year.

Mobile Gaming Brings New Experiences to Your Hand


Beyond the present, Newzoo has also predicted mobile gaming will be worth $58.1 billion by 2020 which, in practical terms, means more people will be playing more games via their smartphones and tablets. This takes us back to our opening point that technology has made the inaccessible more accessible. Take, for instance, casino gaming. Two decades ago, playing casino games like blackjack and roulette was something only the James Bonds of this world would do on a regular basis.

Today, however, online and mobile casino gaming is an industry in its own right. From developers and casino sites to review platforms, players can now access a wealth of games, offers and information with a casino twist. Indeed, if you scroll through the list of popular online slots at, you can see the top rated sites have everything from welcome bonuses to suites containing 450+ games.

After finding a suitable site, a player can then download an app or access a mobile casino site and select a game like the Thunderstruck 2 online slot. Aside from offering 243 ways to win (i.e. multiple win lines) and a 2.4 million credit just like a physical slot machine in Las Vegas would, this game can also be played for free. In the spirit of giving players more access to more games, the top platforms will offer free-play or “demo” versions of everything from slots to baccarat. The idea behind this is that it allows players to experience the thrill of casino gaming without breaking the bank.

Learning Has Never Been So Entertaining

Similar to this, Tomorrow Corporation has made learning computer programming a game that everyone can play. In line with the idea of making the inaccessible accessible, the software developer created Human Resource Machine where players have to solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles which, at their core, are programming problems. After having some initial success with the game on PC, Tomorrow Corporation released the game on Android and iOS in 2015 and subsequently won the International Mobile Gaming Awards prize for innovation in 2016.

Now, although this game gives people a fundamental grounding in the art of programming without them really having to think too much about it, not everyone wants to be a computer programmer. However, that doesn’t necessarily matter. Programming, when you strip it back, is basically a problem-solving game where you need to think logically about a situation. This is a skill everyone can use in almost any situation. Therefore, even if you aren’t aiming to become a programmer, this game teaches you to think like one and become a better problem solver in real life.

Acquiring this sort of knowledge through a mobile game is great, just as being able to enjoy a new form of entertainment through casino games is. In short, the average mobile user now has access to a wealth of experiences that they never previously had and games are a great way to unlock these new experiences. As the market continues to grow, so too will the range of information and entertainment, which can only be a good thing for mobile owners and mobile gamers.