Sometimes it can be nuisance keeping all your files tidy—but a bigger nuisance still is when different systems are not compatible with each other or when there is no way to transfer files in an easy manner from one system to the other. Today Tapscape has an app for you that might be able to change all of that, namely MobileTrans by Wondershare.

Transfering files with MobileTrans

I still clearly remember a few times when I got a new phone and had to start from scratch with my contacts and other files. Especially when switching from Android to iOS things can get a little messy, leaving you frustrated with a clean slate and wondering what to do.

Here is where MobileTrans comes in, which has some amazing features that will certainly help you out. For example, with  MobileTrans you can easily save a complete back-up of all your files and contacts from a phone to PC, or even make back-ups from programs like iTunes to Android.

This app really works wonders with all it can mean for you, only being unable to transfer apps from one system to another for obvious reasons. It can, however, transfer apps from one Android system to another. I should also mention that it is fully compatible with Nokia Symbian.

Transferring files with MobileTrans is as easy as connecting, for example, your phone and using the easy to navigate program to make back-ups and transfers. This is done by a simple click of the mouse, but the features are extremely elaborate and you have a lot of freedom with what you want to do.

Staying safe

If you’ve decided on selling your phone or you just want to erase all your data, MobileTrans also has options for you to do this. I found this an extremely useful tool and I can also imagine it coming in handy when a phone is being handed over to someone else in a family or in a friend circle. With the complete control MobileTrans gives you there is almost nothing impossible when managing your systems.

Our conclusion

MobileTrans is an extremely powerful tool for not only transferring files from one system to another, but also to make sure your system is always safe with a back-up. It’s ability to completely restore a phone to its initial state is a god-send for people selling their phones and best of all—it comes with a free trial!