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While for some people having a stop-watch is enough, there are also those people that need to time a lot of different things in their lives. Think about the mother keeping an eye on that pizza in the oven while also making sure her kid is practicing his piano lessons for at least fifteen minutes. This is all going on while another kid is getting kind of addicted to this new game and he is only allowed two hours of play-time a day.

With these situations, and there are many, you can imagine it would be great if there was an app that could run multiple stop-watches and actually warn you when a timer runs out. I guess it’s a little different than a stop-watch, but you get the idea. Today we’re featuring Multitimer by Sergey Astakhov, an app designed specifically to do just that.

Using Multitimer

So setting up a timer or two with this app is done with absolute ease. After booting up the app there will be a help section for you anyway, but the app isn’t all that elaborate so you’ll get the hang of it before you know it. A cool thing about Multitimer is that it’s also compatible with Apple Watch, giving the app a lot more functionality for more people.

The first thing I did was go to settings and set the matrix—which basically defines how many timers are run on the screen at one time. Since I just needed one to test the app out, I set my matrix to one for a better overview. From here on out, you can simply tap the circle on your screen and the timer will start running. Tap again to pause.

When you hold your tap on the circle, the circle will then flip around nicely and you will have access to the settings. Here you can define how much time that specific timer has to have on it, choose a color for your timer and give it a name.

Now the thing I didn’t really like was how the app forces you to share or even purchase the so-called additional icons. These icons can be attached to a timer for a more personalized experience, and they also come in handy for defining your timers.

Tapscape’s final thoughts

Multitimer is a really simple and straightforward app—but it’s nicely designed and gets the job done. It’s nice that it comes for free but I really think it’s silly to charge people just to attach a little icon to their timers. It would have been much smarter to just run an add when a timer runs out, for example, because I honestly don’t think people will actually buy an icon or two. Luckily you can also share the app on your Facebook for some nifty icons.

Multitimer requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad

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