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Myvi remains the hottest Perodua model in 2019



Myvi remains the hottest Perodua model in 2019

2019 has been an exceptional year for the Malaysian automaker, with YoY growth of 5.8 percent. Perodua had to itself  40% of the Malaysian car market.  It went above expectations, as the company recorded the highest ever annual car sales last year, with a total of 240,341 units sold. Everyone expects to see what the new Perodua Myvi 2020 will be about.

Perodua Myvi Exterior

The Myvi secured the top rank amongst the sold unit as it was the most in-demand Perodua Model in 2019. Next was Axis, Bezza, Aruz and Alza in exact same order. The most sales are received from local buyers.

The Perodua  Aruz had a total of 30,115 sales in 2019 which also made it the country’s best-selling SUV. The recently introduced Bezza facelift, have had 2000 units already delivered to customers, with around 15,000 bookings registered, which gives promises that 2020 will be much more successful for Perodua comparatively to the previous year – 2019.

It is shown by the management of the company in the 2019 annual performance report that their target for the next year is to achieve sales number of 240 000 units. It is believed that the production numbers will be increased from 244,000 units last year to 254,000 units in 2020.

Myvi Cabin

The CEO and president of Parudua, Datum Zainal Abidin Ahmad  told that this years was very intensive and busy for them and the main goal of the company was to improve the sales performance. The target number of sales for 2020 is 240 000 units. He understands that this number could sounds a bit optimistic, because the competition in the automobile market is quite strong, but he believes that Perudua has the potential to achieve this target even much more.

For the interest of the local market, the company has made plans to spend a total of RM 6billion this year buying local-sourced components, an increase from the Rm 5.4 billion spent in 2019. Zainal Abidin, the CEO and the president of  Parudua, also added that Rm150 million will be dedicated to research and development. The plan for 2020 is the company to be focused on the race track, that is already started and it is expected to be ready to the end of 2020.

New Myvi 2020 is even better, with more  upgrades and improvement and that is why the CEO of the company Zainal Abidin is optimistic that the sales will even double that obtained in  2019.

What is improved in Myvi 2020?

Experts from told that, mechanically, certain upgrades were carried out in the engines with a new generation NR series engine, available either as a 1.3-litre (95 PS, 121Nm) or a 1.5-litre (103 PS, 136Nm).  Both engines can be with either a four-speed torque converter automatic while a five-speed manual is exclusive to the 1.3-litre model.

It also possess features like LED headlights, digital climate control display and keyless entry made available as standard, the Myvi offers very good value for money.

 Improved significantly also, are the security variants. All variants come with ABS, EBD, ESC and a minimum of four airbags (six for the 1.5- liter variants).

One of the most sold models Myvi 1.5AV also have ASA with pre-collision warming, braking for emergency cases, pedal mis-operation and front departure warning. Normally these features could be found only on cars in higher class.

 Although, the ASA system used in the Myvi is more basic in its operation yet it’s a highly welcomed feature nonetheless.

With so many safety features it could not be a surprise that the lastest Myvi receives the first place in the ASEAN NCAP safety rating.