According to a new report from Digitimes, the next-generation 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros are due to commence mass production in April, with volumes ramping up thereafter for an expected summer 2012 release.

The report suggests that while the 15″ MacBook Pro is due to start production this month, the 13″ model is not due to begin production until June – despite Apple ordering much higher volumes of the smaller laptop.

Previous reports have indicated that the new MacBook Pro range is likely to feature Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors, in addition to adopting a thinner form factor thanks to a decision to drop the traditional optical drive.


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    That’s weird, why “late 2012”???
    So far from the production term!!

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    I’m sure that’s a typo. Latest 2011; this Summer.

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    wtf? 2012 summer you mean? Anyway, this is such BS I’ve been waiting sooo long for it to come out… *bites wood*

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    any ideas on a price of a new 13inch macbook pro though? would be better to get the i7 13 inch now while it is end of line? if I am going to spend a grand on a computer and a new version comes out in a month, should I wait?

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