Despite 4G technology being one of the most-touted features of the new iPad 3, SlashGear have noted that the iPad 3 will be incompatible with the LTE networks being rolled out in countries outside the United States.

While the iPad 3 supports data transfer rates of up to 73 Mbps on LTE, these speeds will only ever be seen by American and Canadian customers with international users to be relegated to 3G speeds.

The new iPad WiFi + 4G put up for pre-order in Europe yesterday supports the same 700MHz and 2100MHz LTE bands as the AT&T version in the US; however, actual LTE roll-out in Europe is expected to use the 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands.

That means, even if commercial LTE networks become more commonplace in Europe – which has for the most part remained using the faster variants of 3G technology, such as DC-HSDPA, which the new iPad also supports – the Apple tablet is unlikely to be compatible with them.

The Wi-Fi + 4G iPad 3 that is being released in the ten international launch countries is the same as that being sold in the U.S. on the AT&T network, despite international networks not running on the same frequency bands as AT&T.

Apple have admitted the issue and thus far only offered up the concession that if international users visit the U.S. they will be able to access the AT&T LTE network on their iPad.

iPads sold internationally will be able to connect to AT&Ts LTE network when in the US with the appropriate SIM and plan.

It is unclear at this stage whether Apple will release a different version of the iPad 3 in the future with LTE frequency bands optimized for local networks.

  1. typical american big company there… why investigate what other countries outside of the states are using? isn’t the american way the one and only true way?….

    i was waiting for the ipad 3,  but now i think i might go with an android based tablet instead….

  2.  The US think they are the only people on earth and know nothing about the rest of the world. They are all idiots in my opinion

  3. Apple sounds like it’s going Microsoft’s way. Apparently they’re not releasing 4G iDevices until 2015 outside the states, this should prove beneficial for Android and Windows tablets indeed. There hasn’t been any innovation on Apple’s behalf since the iphone was released anyway. Windows 8 can’t come sooner for me

  4. Dude, don’t generalize – I don’t think that at all! I love traveling and learning about other people and their culture. Yes, I agree I think Apple was being dumb about not thinking about other countries but at the same time they need to stay competitive within our own. Please don’t bash my country just as you would expect me not to bash yours! 🙂

  5. Just like the HD TVs of old…all you need to do is put a “tune-able” modem in the dog-on thing.  NO matter if its 700 MHz or 2,600 MHz…let the modem scan the bands and then let the user select the most appropriate.  Big TELCOS would NEVER let that idea makes too much sense.  If “tune able” is too expensive, a user changable LTE module would do the trick.
    Again, these solutions just make too much sense…they’ll NEVER be used.

  6. I can’t say generalizing is kind or reasonable. ALL idiots? ALL? Hasty Generalization and also an Ad Hominem: both are informal logic fallacies. So before anyone points the finger, check out your own eduction. Yes, most Americans don’t travel internationally, which is a shame and I find those that don’t travel tend to be more conservative and fearful. This also makes very ethnocentric Americans. We do need to travel more and listen to other cultures and there is a lot of stupidity. But using the word ALL is also stupid. Get your logic under your belt. I ask that for my fellow Americans too. This would make a more civilized world.

  7. The LTE networks abroad are not even being built yet. When they do start building them we may into acaecond or third iteration of the iPad. Guess Apple will cross that bridge when it comes.

  8. Just another way the ifruit people screw over the world. Gotta wonder why the fans are so loyal… I just read an article claiming the president will nationalize the oil industry

  9. North America isn’t “screwing the world” simply because “the world” (which, last I checked, NA was a part of; I just love it when eurotrash refer to themselves as “the world”) decided to go with a different spectrum.  Why should Apple spend money making their radios compatible with networks that aren’t even built yet simply because Europe wants to go with a different band?  When the networks are built, and there’s demand for the capabilities, I’m quite sure Apple will add the capability when it makes financial sense.  That is, of course, if your retarded governments don’t kill their competition off by ruling in favor of Apple in their ridiculous patent suits, first.

  10. apple sucks any way whats it matter if people get a new ipad or ipod they will have a new one out next week after that.

  11. why do you mention only AT&T?  Verizon is the one that has a full national LTE network in the U.S.   AT&T does NOT yet.  And it’s compatible with Verizon’s network, which uses different frequencies than AT&T.  

  12.  Well there is one option. What if a LTE modem is used which can also work as WiFi hot-spot. Agreed , not s subtle solution, but there are abundant 3G devices with WiFi Hotspot function. I am sure LTE devices will be available with same feature. So why not buy a LTE+WiFi device in the particular country and use it with the iPad

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