2016 MacBook Pro
2016 MacBook Pro

Apple’s new MacBook Pro has generated more revenue than any other notebook released this year, and it only took five days to do that. The new MacBook Pro is just like Donald Trump, people criticized him a lot but ended up voting for him, same goes for the new MacBook Pro, everyone has criticized Apple for the changes (including me) but the sales say that people are still buying it.

Desperate? Maybe in a way. Many people have been waiting to buy a new MacBook Pro for over an year. When Apple finally drops the food, how can the hungry guy not eat it. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. In terms of figures, the new MacBook Pro, in just five days of has quadrupled the sales of the Microsoft Surface Book from last year. The difference is even higher compared to models from other companies.

Slice Intelligence reported that, Apple’s new MacBook Pro has generated nearly 78% of the revenue the MacBook (just the “MacBook”) has generated since April 10, 2015. The new MacBook Pros comes in three different versions – the 13 inch without the TouchBar, the 13 inch with TouchBar, and the 15 inch with TouchBar. Of course, there are a lot of options for the hardware – the CPUs, the graphics, the storage but the RAM is fixed at 16GB which is a disappointment for a lot of people (especially pros).

The TouchBar is an interesting piece of tech – Apple skips the addition of touchscreen on the new MacBook Pro but finds that this touch bar is more logical than adding touch to the screen which can be finicky to use. The new laptop is also quite differential on the outside. The body is more thinner, more smaller and more lighter. Also, the speakers are pretty good sounding.

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