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It’s a chaotic time we live in. Information seems to come at us from all sides and while some folks would like to stay updated on everything, others prefer a more quiet and centralized way of gaining information. Some people read their e-books while others read the old fashioned way but one thing is certain—everyone has their own way of doing things.

Today I’m reviewing an app called Notestream, a splendid app that seamlessly blends news, stories, articles and more into one tight and comfortable space. After all, everyone loves when things stay organized and Notestream does it in an excellent fashion.

Starting your own Notestream

So like I said before, Notestream is basically your own personal wall of articles and news. You can browse for yourself through endless amounts of the so called “notes”, which are basically articles that can be about anything.

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One second you’re looking at a note about the rise of Australia as a wine nation, while in another second you’re browsing through the best hotels Washington D.C. has to offer. The categories in which you can browse these notes include but are not limited to fashion, lifestyle, travel, nature, beer and wine, all kinds of food and arts and so on.

An organized little world

As a composer and musician myself I was very interested in the music category. Some things of course more than others. Have you ever read an article that was just really well written? Chances are it’s also because of the author.

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Notestream made sure that you can go your own way, adding features like browsing notes from a specific author so you know you’re in for something good. There’s also a ton of options to personalize your own profile, leave feedback on articles and even share your own notes making Notestream not only a very intellectual but also a very social experiment.


I loved every second of my experience with Notestream! There’s just something about it that makes you want to sit down with a cup of tea, relax and read the day away. On the more technical side Notestream works absolutely wonderful with no graphical glitches or bugs to be found anywhere.

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed app where you can seriously get a lot smarter and have fun while doing it Notestream is the app for you. Tapscape suggests you guys check this one out!

Notestream requires iOS 7.0 and is also compatible with iPad

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