OPPO F1 and OPPO F1S Prices To Drop After Latest Release

It has been 1 year since the OPPO F1 and OPPO F1S was unveiled by the Chinese electronics giant OPPO. The devices are set to drop on prices after the latest announcement of the OPPO F3 Plus. This latest product release from OPPO is set to have previous flagship devices like the OPPO F1 and OPPO F1S to drop in prices as the value of each product declines with latest releases.

However, this decline in value price does not reduce the value of the device itself. The OPPO F1 and OPPO F!s were major success on OPPO’s part. Introducing the devices a “Selfie Masters”, the devices faired relatively well when competing against other handheld smartphones in the same price range. With price drops to come, both devices are a good budget smartphone to look into for those looking to own a well capable but easy on the bank mobile.

The OPPO F1 features a 5.0 inch display, whilst in comparison, the OPPO F1S features a 5.5 inch display. Both devices come with a 8 Megapixel front facing camera which is best for when taking selfies in dim light conditions. However, for the rear facing cameras, the OPPO F1 features a 13 Megapixel lens whilst the OPPO F1S features a slightly better 16 Megapixel lens. The processors on both devices are still up to date with implementations of the Snapdragon 616 processor for smooth functionalities on both the OPPO F1 and OPPO F1S.

All in all, both the devices are one to keep an eye out for in the coming few weeks. The specifications and functionality of the devices are splendid, and with it’s iPhone-like exterior design, it is a stylish looking phone to have. Especially after the prices drop after OPPO’s latest release.