Says who? Sources. All of those rumors that Apple’s insanely thin all-in-one desktop would be delayed turn out to be false. In fact, the company’s plans as passed down from on high by CEO Tim Cook are still the plans. And, would you believe that OS X 10.9 will have tufted ears and be incredibly cute? Get ready to cuddle.

Disappointed that Apple won’t be delivering the 2012 iMac as planned until next year? Worry not because All Things D reports Apple’s new iMac plans are coming along just fine.

“The plan is still the plan,” says an unnamed source.

However, as Tim Cook said during Apple’s Q4 results conference call, the 21-inch iMac will indeed ship in November and the 27-inch will arrive next month, though supplies of both models will be constrained through the end of the year.

As of this writing the initial shipments of the 21-inch iMac are being delivered to distribution points around the US.

OS X 10.9: Cute, tufted ears

Rumors that circulated over the weekend say that Apple’s upcoming, likely July 2013, OS X 10.9 will be named “Lynx.” If Cupertino’s next-gen operating system arrives with a clutch of kittens in tow, look for adoption rates to soar.

Further, Ars Technica and a host of others claim that the Mac desktop operating system release will feature Siri and Maps integration.

Whereas many people have complained about how these features work, or don’t, on the iPhone and iPad, I’ve had good experiences with both Siri and Maps — bringing them Back to the Mac will be a very good thing™…

What’s your take?

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  1. “The plan is still the plan”
    Pfffft! The plan is ALWAYS “the plan”. That doesn’t make it the reality.

    My guess is that they originally planned for it to be out before Thanksgiving.

  2. Unless the plan isn’t the plan and then things will be different, like really different. Like thinking different, different. Ya dig?

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