A Parcel Of Courage iPad App

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While a lot of developers choose to stick to what’s in at the moment there are other less conventional developers out there. Those that have read more reviews from me on Tapscape know that I really praise innovation and that a big part of my critique is also based on that factor. Today I got the chance to check out A Parcel Of Courage by Moonagroup, an app aimed at children aged 3-7.

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I was really stoked when I read what the app had in store and coming from a family with a little sister you can imagine I got plenty of time and feedback on the game. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of A Parcel Of Courage.

A world of color

A Parcel Of Courage is kind of like a whole package for kids. It’s a story full of interaction and adventure and right at the start you can choose if you want to read the story yourself or if you want it to be told to you. The first time I checked it out I chose for the option to have the story told for me and I was pleasantly surprised with the great narration the app offers.

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A Parcel Of Courage tells a true story about three kids trying to get their grandma to visit them. However, grandma is afraid of flying and so something has to be done. Throughout the story the player is immersed by extremely crisp and colorful images, almost like a scrapbook moving around and breathing.

One of the more interesting things about the app is that it’s actually designed around two scientifically proven learning methods, giving the game educational value as well. Often throughout the story the player is given the freedom to explore interactive activities, which range from firing off certain objects to see how much they weight and what their gravitational qualities are to building complete toy constructions. All in all there really is a lot to explore and discover in A Parcel Of Courage.

Our conclusion and verdict

Both me and other family members have thoroughly enjoyed A Parcel Of Courage and while it is obviously more interesting for kids adults will find a fun factor in just gazing into the beautifully colored world of the book. Really everything comes to life and moves around and it even comes in both a lite and paid version making sure you can check it out first before you purchase.

A Parcel Of Courage requires iOS 6.0 and is also compatible with iPhone

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