iphone 5 video

iphone 5 video

That’s right guys and girls you read that correctly. What looks to be an iPhone 5 promo video leaked on youtube earlier today. We aren’t quite sure what to think about it. Its either a carefully crafted fake or the real deal.

The video shows a feature rundown of the iPhone 5 including detailed hardware specs. It confirms much of what we know already, but throws out some new possibilities. Most notably a fingerprint sensor built into the home button and storage options up to 128gb!

The reason we question the authenticity is the looping music and great level of detail revealed in the video. In the past, Apple promo videos don’t tout hardware specs or show the guts of their devices in the way that this one does. Rather than ramble on though, we’ll let you check the video below to judge for yourself.


So is this it? Is this the iPhone 5?  Tell us what you think. If you think its real are you impressed or disappointed with Apple’s new flagship device? Tell us in the comments.



Source- Youtube