Amazon is gearing up to release its music streaming service in India. The company already offers its video streaming service, Prime Video and other Prime logistical benefits.

Prime Music finally launching its flagship music service in India is great news because it comes free for those who have subscribed for Prime already. There are not going to be any extra charges unless the company plans to differentiate its plans as the ones in US.

However, the website for Prime Music India reads “Included with your Prime membership, at no additional cost”. Looks like there’s nothing to worry about, chill, most likely there’s nothing to be paid on top of the Prime package.

India is already gifted with a lot of good, worthy local streaming services like Gaana, Wynk, Hungama, JioMusic and a lot more; the international services include Apple Music and Google Play Music. All of them charge around Rs.100 per month, however, few of them are free if you use a specific network provider’s services.

Amazon comes on top in the battle of “price”. It comes free with Prime and also its like buying a package, you get a huge collection of movies and TV shows. Especially the fact that finally Amazon is making decent original shows like McMafia is a bonus.

For the past few months, the company has been talks with Indian music distribution companies and they have been fruitful till now. The company has successfully added Zee Music and Saregama to its backpack.

An Amazon spokesperson said that, according to statistics, 50-55% of the strong streamed by Indians are of Hindi and the other regional dialect, and the remaining share is taken by foreign songs.

Amazon’s Prime Music is speculated to release in the next few weeks. A music streaming war is imminent.  If all goes well, then I think I’ll be with Amazon because the Prime package is a no-brainer; its cheap and offers a lot more. Whose side are you going to be on?

  1. Are you sure it’s really free? When I logged into Prime Music, it says I have no subscription available and I could take a free 30-day trial. The domain “” redirects to “” after login.

    You also seem to have expressed your doubts when you meant “There are not going to be any extra charges unless the company plans to differentiate its plans as the ones in US.”

  2. Yes, it’s free. I have tried it myself. I express doubt as, at the time of writing this article, Amazon hadn’t released the service in India. However, it’s available for free for Prime customers now. Regarding your issue, you should contact Amazon.

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