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With every day the demands of a more and more digitized society increase, whether it’s in our personal life’s or at the office. Where once we needed things printed physically, we now simply have to tap a button to view complete schedules and lists.

While there are already a ton of tools out there to help employers and employees alike, sometimes you come across a new one that really stands out from the rest. Whether it’s the functionality itself or the ease of work and features—it’s a proven fact that innovation still is very much alive and kicking.

Today we’re featuring Project Planning Pro by i2e Consulting LLC. This app is made for the iPad and is a very powerful project, task and resource management system. Let’s dive into the review straight away.

Using Project Planning Pro

The core function of Project Planning Pro is, of course, to dot out a completely personalized project with all the tools you need to adjust it to your company’s workflow. After booting up the app it’s as easy as clicking the plus marking on the interface and giving your project a name. From there on out, there is a plethora of options for you to explore to customize your project.

One thing I particularly loved about Project Planning Pro was its intuitive and fully scale-able interface, making it possible for you to quickly browse through the calendar and adjust tasks and completion of these tasks easily. There might be a bit too much features to cover them all with Project Planning Pro, but it also has very powerful tools for managing your cost efficiency and the likes.

Sharing with Project Planning Pro

Another amazing aspect of Project Planning Pro is the ability to convert your projects to a ton of different file types, including .PDF, .CSV for worksheets and .XML. These can then of course be send around the company and you can also export the file as .PPP which makes it very easy to share projects if they still need adjustments.

Sharing is done really easy and you can also import projects from your e-mail and things like DropBox and iTunes. Basically, there’s not a single thing this app can’t do in that regard.

Tapscape’s final thoughts

Project Planning Pro offers some really beautiful features for companies and small-time business owners alike, giving you full control over not only the project but the complete app itself letting itself be customized to your liking. This app has some really impressive and professional possibilities and I wouldn’t hesitate to check the app out.

Project Planning Pro is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 6.0

  1. Just as an alternative that I feel richly incorporates iOS 8 and more so, the iPad, I suggest looking at QuickPlan Pro. The 6.1 version is now universal and iPhone 6/Plus compatible. At $18, it’s not free like Project Planning Pro, but its features are robust, the UI is easy & helpful, and the customization is immense.

    Just my .02¢

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