Having watched, (like millions of other people from around the world), the final farewell to the Oprah Winfrey shows and feeling a tinge of sadness at the show being over, then look no further than the Oprah Winfrey application – ‘O The Oprah Magazine‘ for the iPad.

The app brings the super-star talk show host directly to your iPad through her monthly edition of the O Magazine app.

The June magazine is a bumper edition for any Oprah lover; it features exclusive video footage of her first season of the Oprah Winfrey Show, and her reflections on it, (if for nothing else just re-living the outfits and hairdos is enough for a download of this issue). There is also a memorable moments feature which looks at the highlights of the last 25 years of the show and re-lives viewers favourite episodes.

A scrapbook of photographs from her Australian adventure also feature in the June app, and tell the story of her amazing time Down Under. The magazine also features an interactive recipes section and features the top reads of the month in the O list. The application is initially free to download and then a cost of $3.99 per issue for the magazine is applied for subscribers.

Verdict: A nostalgic and heart-warming read guaranteed. Download on iTunes for free.

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