Real Estate Investors: 3 Tips to Create Irresistible Home Walk-through Videos

If you advertise your properties online, you probably use visually compelling walk-through videos. It’s no longer enough to host an open house and hope everyone can attend, especially in the era of covid.

With the world moving toward more digital interactions, many agents are exclusively hosting showings online through Zoom meetings and 3D virtual walkthroughs, and likely will continue to do so even if the pandemic ends.

Whether you perform your own marketing or work with a professional team, an irresistible walk-through video will make a massive difference in your efforts to land a sale. If you’ve never created a walk-through video, or you’re just looking for ways to make yours better, these three tips will help.

1. Be intentional with your narrations

Nobody likes annoying narrators. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to be one. You’ve probably seen some home-tour videos in which the guide talks to the cameraman and they make side jokes between them.

This seems innocent, but such joking around pulls the viewer’s attention from experiencing the walk-through. If you’re going to narrate your walk-through videos, be intentional with the words you speak.

Plan out what you’re going to say as you walk through each room. You don’t have to read a script, but you should have a general idea of the points you want to cover.

In addition to being intentional with your narration, make some simple suggestions to the viewer regarding how he or she might use the rooms. This is what The Kay-Grant Group does in their Phoenix, AZ walk-through videos.

You might ask why make suggestions? Throwing ideas about how rooms can be used is a great way to persuade potential buyers by alerting them to possibilities they might not have occurred to them.

2. Create 3D virtual tours

A 3D virtual tour is better than posting static images in an image gallery and calling it a “walk-through.” Next to taking a real tour, a walk-through in full 3D is the best alternative.

3D virtual tours are becoming more popular by the day. The reason? People don’t want to leave their house to view a home unless they know it’s likely a good match.

Although some are no longer concerned about catching COVID-19 wherever they go, many have become accustomed to the security of their current home. Zillow has an app that makes it easy to create a 3D virtual tour using nothing more than your cell phone.

Other apps are on the market if you need different features or want to try various options.

Virtual tours help you and your leads

Virtual tours are a win-win for everyone. People don’t have to leave their house to check out a potential home, and you don’t have to show houses to people who are more curious than seriously interested.

Providing the public with a 3D virtual tour filters potential leads down to the serious shoppers. Once people take a 3D tour online, they’ll have a better idea whether they’re truly interested. You probably won’t have to show the property in person as often, which will save you time and gas.

3. Create professionally edited walk-through videos

The importance of professional video editing cannot be emphasized enough. A poorly made walk-through video will irritate viewers, even if it’s only at the subconscious level; and if your videos are annoying, potential buyers won’t watch them.

A well-produced video, on the other hand, will make viewers feel good. When your videos are polished, people will stick around to look at additional properties, which greatly improves your odds of landing a sale.

You can get professional videos made by hiring out each project, or learn how to do your own editing. Learning how to edit videos isn’t complicated, but it can be time-consuming and tedious.

If you are genuinely interested in video editing, though, it might be a good side project for you to experiment with. When creating your walk-through videos, be sure to follow some simple rules:

Keep the video short.

You want to show as many rooms and features as possible, of course, but you don’t need to linger in closets and bathrooms. You also don’t have to splice in B-roll footage or cut away to commentary between each room. Make your walk-through videos a smooth survey from one end of the property to the other.

Keep special effects to a minimum.

Yes, they can be cool, but special effects are typically unnecessary for a walk-through video. Instead, use subtle, short transitions and don’t make cheesy-looking titles.

Buy a license for your music.

If you use music, make sure you buy a proper license or use royalty-free tunes.

Remember, with videos, less is usually more.

Good walk-through videos will help to sell your properties

A good walk-through video can be just as convincing as an in-person showing. When you make your videos, take the same care you would with a live showing, and you’ll generate more of the qualified leads you seek.