Price: $1.87     Score: 9/10     Category: Widget/Utility

Once and a while an app comes along that makes you wonder how it took you so long to find it in the first place. Yesterday I was searching for a Windows 8 style homescreen replacement on my Nexus 7 tablet. I’ve been using Windows 8 for a bit now and wanted to try to create the same look and feel on my device. I wasn’t able to find a full homescreen replacement app, but what I did find was Metro Ui HD Widget Tile Win8.

Don’t let the incredibly long name fool you, this app rocks. It allows you to create custom Metro/Windows 8-like tiles on your Android homescreen. There are custom news, gallery, facebook, and weather widgets. You can also create custom tiles that link to apps or functions on your device. The result is an elegant and customizable app that allows you to really change the look and feel of your Android phone or tablet.

For instance, for my weather widget, I just have it link to the weatherbug elite app so I can get more detailed weather info when I press the tile. The news tile can be customized and pull different RSS feeds or just Google News’ latest headlines. It really is slick to look at and replaced several widgets that I was using before.

Metro Ui HD Widget Tile Win 8 Metro Ui HD Widget Tile Win 8 Metro Ui HD Widget Tile Win 8

I really can’t say enough positive things about the app and haven’t found any issues or limitations thus far. One caviate to consider is that in order to resize the icons properly you have to use a 3rd party launcher like ADW, Nova, or Apex. This wasn’t an issue for me since I use Nova by default anyway.  Metro Ui HD Widget Tile Win 8  is on sale for $1.87 until the end of the day today so I suggest you pick it up ASAP.