Samsung vs Apple iPhone 5

As if all the issues with the iPhone 5 weren’t enough, Apple’s about to get some new headaches thanks to their latest smartphone.

Samsung vs Apple iPhone 5

Samsung has made good on their threats to include the iPhone 5 on their own patent claims against Apple. the new complaints involving the device are amendments to the existing Samsung lawsuit. CNET reports:

The Korean electronics giant submitted an amendment to a lawsuit originally filed in April against Apple, adding the iPhone 5 to a list of devices that includes the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the new iPad that Samsung accuses of infringing on several Samsung patents.

Samsung reportedly threatened to sue Apple last month for patent infringement over its then rumored use of long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity in the next-generation smartphone. While the new iPhone’s debut last month confirmed that Apple’s new device featured access to the the speedier fourth-generation wireless networking — for which Samsung holds numerous patents — Samsung’s latest lawsuit did not address the LTE patents.

A lot of people speculated that the iPhone 5 would be sued over the inclusion of LTE so it’s really surprising that Samsung is going after it on different grounds. Android Central has compiled a list of the complaints. You can check them out below:

Will Samsung be able to get back at Apple through the iPhone 5? Share your opinions in the comments below!


[via CNET, Android Central]

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