samsung ces2013

Whilst Apple has long been rumoured to be lining up the iTV, the major player in the TV market, Samsung, should not be forgotten. And Samsung are determined not to be forgotten with them releasing what they are calling a revolutionary new TV at CES 2013.

It is usually Apple that is praised for innovating and bringing new concepts to market to fill a gap that consumers never knew needed filling; for other companies then to follow suit. This is not only suspected, but proved in court recently, with Samsung having to pay an unprecedented fine for infringing on Apple’s innovative design patents.

But it’s now Samsung’s time to shine at CES 2013. They are already a huge player in the TV market, and have teased that a revolutionary new TV is coming.

samsung ces2013

Samsung released a new trailer for an upcoming TV they are developing that is “unlike anything the world has ever seen.” This TV is expected to be unveiled at CES 2013.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]IAV-Kkq-GtY[/youtube]

Let’s break down this term revolutionary; we know the logical next step is 4k capable TV’s, but with the lack of content currently available, and with it being seen as the ‘expected’ next step, it can be assumed Samsung have a little more under their sleeves. Further rumours suggest a frameless 4k resolution TV with integrated gesture and voice recognition, combined with the ‘Smart TV’ features such as UPnP, DLNA, and SMB file/video playback. It is unclear if the revolution will come in the design, or the feature-set, but the main challenge for Samsung will not be delivering the product, it will be convincing consumers it is something they need in their lives – something Apple are very good at doing.

But that’s the battle Samsung now have. Every step they now make will be compared to Apple, even in different markets, not because it’s their main competitor, but because Apple is the C2M model that works, and Samsung will be judged on if they reinvent their own path, or simply just try to copy Apple, again.

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