Samsung versus Apple

Samsung versus Apple

The Samsung versus Apple U.S. Trial might be over, but it’s certainly not truly over. Samsung is obviously not pleased with the verdict, after all, $1 billion is a lot to money up, even if they probably have the fiscal power to take such a blow.

Since the trial’s end, Samsung has affirmed that they will continue fighting the ruling, no matter what. Personally, I like Samsung well enough, but it’s reasonably clear that Sammy did copy at least some elements from Apple- even if I’m not sure whether I personally agree with the verdict.

Some say Samsung got what it deserved in the Samsung versus Apple trial, I have mixed feelings, but that’s not the point. What Samsung needs to do now is move on and work on ways to better set itself apart from Apple with great new products like the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The company has an established base of users, and even if the lawsuit diminishes some consumer and stockholder enthusiasm, they can recover if they move forward.

Instead, Samsung has taken to threatening a new lawsuit on Apple if the new iPhone ships with 4G LTE.

Samsung Versus Apple – Why 4G LTE?

Samsung actually holds about 10% of the patents behind LTE, and is in a very good position to defend them. So why wait until the new iPhone when iPad already has 4G LTE? Mainly because iPhone is a bigger target and could theoretically do more damage.

There is one big problem. LTE has quickly become a standard and that means it could be protected under FRAND rules that allow standard use technology regardless of any patents held by other companies.

While some could argue that some of the features in the iPhone and iPad, which Samsung lost too, could possibly be considered standard, too- odds are that 4G LTE isn’t something that Samsung can sue against. Probably won’t stop them from trying, though.

What do you think? Should Samsung try and fight back with the 4G LTE lawsuit? Conversely, should they just accept their fate in the aftermath of the Samsung versus Apple trial and attempt to move on the best they can?


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