Concept of Selflog

Social media is often held up as the mirror and metric of success in the qwerty-loving world we live in today. People post photos with their new cars, jobs, and what not while those on the other end of the screen fall behind as they judge themselves against the lofty standards of others. The only person you need to compete with is yourself, and Selflog offers you the opportunity to be better than you were the previous today. Define your own parameters of success on the objective-keeping app Selflog that assists you in accountability in all spheres of life. From menial chores like cleaning up the house to ambitious dreams such as realizing your dream home, Selflog is a digital journal that keeps you in check with reminders of your goals and measurements of your efforts!

Selflog Features

At the moment, Selflog is available only for iOS devices. The app puts success and personal satisfaction within your reach through the following features:

  • An online dairy-like record, to document what tasks you’d want to do for the day. Completion within good time results in good scores
  • Where did the rain start beating? Find out by tracking errors in your goals
  • A successful day offers blueprints to guide future planning. Review your best days to mold a better tomorrow
  • Visual representation of goals and objectives. Progress is not only defined in simplistic words; charts and graphs will put your efforts into detailed perspectives
  • Instructions and tasks are planned by you, and no one else. Stay true to yourself with success uncontaminated by the achievements of others.
  • A sleek interface that combines the aesthetics beautifully for a nice-looking app

How to Use Selflog

Let’s take the scenario of a music producer. If, say, you need to produce 12 songs in a month, you can create this goal while clarifying the time limits. Every day you complete a song and note it on the app, the graph simulator shows in real-time how curve or fluctuations vary toward the goal. If you’re falling behind, you can improve your effort from the feedback, and if you’re doing well, you can do even better. The results are also displayed in a scoring system upon completion.

Why Selflog is Different from the Rest

When people talk about success, they often speak of it in terms of something they can’t touch or quantify, like air. Well, no longer! Selflog steps in to revise our knowledge of success, leveraging the power of technology to grasp the concept from imagination to reality.

Selflog impresses with a 4.7/5 rating on the Apple Store, and it’s sure to propel you to similar heights of success. Give it a try today, and watch your personal life flourish!

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