Showbox Android

Showbox is an Android app that links up developers and smartphone users, allowing people to earn money just for downloading new games and apps.

An innovative way to incentivise users to try new Android apps, Showbox doesn’t just showcase new applications – it pays you to try them. Once you’ve set up an account, earning money is as easy as downloading new games or apps via the links within Showbox. Each download earns a certain number of points as indicated in the offer. Points can then be exchanged for real money, donated to charity, redeemed for gift cards or used to top-up phone credit.

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The number of points that you can earn for trying a new app is indicated on the Offerwall within the app. Some apps pay better than others so if you’re short on time or on data you may choose to prioritise the ones you download.

Points are normally deposited into your account within 15 minutes of fulfilling an offer, and pay-outs are processed weekly. To receive a cash pay-out from Showbox, you’ll require a minimum cash balance of $2, which is paid directly to your PayPal account. The developers claim that is certainly possible to earn $25 USD on a weekly basis just by downloading and testing new apps and games from within the Showbox Android app.

A big part of Showbox is the referral system – refer a friend and you’ll earn 1 point for every 2 points they earn during the first month after the referral. If you’ve got friends or colleagues who would be interested in earning a little bit more money, then it’s definitely a feature that will work to your advantage.

A free download, and one that lets you make money just by downloading and trying new Android apps and games, Showbox is well worth a look.

Showbox requires Android 2.3.3 and up.