Sideline Interactive’s Digital Scoreboards

Sideline Interactive makes some of the best scoreboards that can be used in schools, colleges or basically any athletic facility. The scoreboards made by the company keep up with the latest happenings in technologically – they are of course digital but they offer a lot more for a lot less price compared to other offerings.

Configuring the scoreboard is as easy as pie; Sideline Interactive packages the GamePresenter software which is ready to use out of the box and generally easy to use. The software also helps connect the scoreboard to already in use sounds systems (like the ones present at gyms).

The smart software also enables the scoreboard to be used for watching the whole game film and also for instant replays, making the experience of playing at any facility seems like a professional game.

With phones, TVs and generally all devices embracing the higher resolution 4K, [why should scoreboards be left behind?]. Sideline Interactive’s Xcel60-4K measures 8ft with the display measuring 60 inches. It’s also available as a standard 1080p HD panel which is based on the LED technology.

The company also offers a larger 10ft basketball scorer’s table which can be split into two pieces to be used as separate displays. When both the displays are joined, the display will be capable of showing unlimited ads, pictures of the players, and all the graphics that are required during the match.

Sideline Interactive also offers a much larger scoreboard which measures 12ft. The package comes as three separate displays which can, of course, be joined to improve the experience marginally.

The company also includes a computer with all the software’s that are required to make the process a breeze. The software allows for a tighter control of the ads that are to be displayed and replays can be triggered without requiring with clunky software’s. Also, the company doesn’t charge any fee for the advertisements that are displayed on the scoreboard.

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