Sony Xperia Odin

Wondering if there’s anything new regarding Sony’s rumored 2013 flagship Android device? Well we’ve got a juicy rumor for you today. According to buzz around the internet, the Sony Odin will not just come in 5 and 6-inch variants, but that it will also be sporting a WhiteMagic screen.

Sony Xperia Odin

Despite earlier reports that WhiteMagic screen technology was currently stuck at 4-inches, a new press release from Japan Display Inc. (JDI) hints that they’re now readying 5-inch prototypes that have now been linked to the Sony Odin:

“The Innovation Vehicle for smartphone applications features key technologies for forthcoming high-end smartphone applications adopted into a large 5.0-inch diagonal size module with full HD resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels) and pixel density of 438ppi, with high contrast ratio of 2000:1 achieved by implementing new in-plane switching (IPS) technology, with low power consumption that is approximately 50% less by utilizing an RGBW pixel structure, with a thin module structure of only 1.0 mm thickness including an integrated touch function (without cover glass), and with a narrow border of 1.0 mm.”

That’s a lot of techno-mumbo-jumbo right there which makes the WhiteMagic moniker more befitting of this technology. But to summarize, basically the biggest selling point of WhiteMagic is that it achieves a lower power consumption that is 50% less than existing models. This kind of technology is a big plus for smartphones with big screens like the Sony Odin because it allows the device to last longer between charges.

JDI says that they’ll be displaying this, together with other “innovation vehicles,” at the FPD International Japan 2012 which will be held on October 31 through November 2. We’ll keep an eye out on this event and see if any other information linking it to the Sony Odin shows up.

Would a longer battery life on the Sony Odin thanks to WhiteMagic make the device more enticing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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