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Sports Streaming Services Perfect for Use on Mobile



Sports Streaming Services Perfect for Use on Mobile

Streaming entertainment content has never been bigger, with everyone from Apple to Netflix getting in on the act.

Lagging behind in this regard are sports, with many cable television networks digging their heels in as they cling to their antiquated and expensive content delivery structures.

However, thanks to some industry disruptors, as well as outliers that some sports fans would not expect, more and more events are beginning to be streamed to audiences all around the world.

Here are just some of the ways sports fanatics can make the most of new developments on their mobile devices, so they need never miss a game ever again.

Industry Disruptors Who Stir the Sporting Pot

When it comes to sports streaming there is one new player in town that has had tablets and smart phones buzzing with sports of late, and that is DAZN.

A British based tech unicorn company, the firm was the brainchild of a former ESPN CEO, meaning they know exactly how to go about shaking up the sports broadcast scene.

Although they initially focused on obtaining maximum market share in some smaller territories to begin with, they are now branching out, with a particular focus on trending sports such as boxing and MMA.

The great thing about DAZN for mobile users is that all their content is available on iOS and Android. Just make sure you have a fat data package or easy access to a solid Wi-Fi connection, and you will be streaming sports till the cows come home.

DAZN are looking to KO the competition with market-leading MMA and boxing content

Sportsbooks Cover Leagues and Teams That Fly Under the Radar

While subscription models like DAZN are cost effective ways to watch your favorite sports, there is another relatively longstanding way to catch many games and matches virtually free of charge.

This is via sportsbooks and online betting shops which as part of their customer packages throw in a whole host of free online streams, so that people can select live handball, volleyball or basketball odds, all while watching the very players they are staking on.

Although such streams tend not to cover major sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA or English Premier League, if fans are after a niche league or sport then such streams can be the perfect way to tune in.

They are also particularly well suited to mobile, as sportsbooks receive the majority of their online takings via mobile devices, meaning it is in their interest to keep the live streams up and running.

Streaming sports from your mobile has never been easier and it is only set to get better

Sports Leagues and Organizations Who Make Content In-House

While there are more and more mobile streaming services coming to the party, another interesting development in the sector is whereby sports leagues, teams, or organizations themselves, become live content publishers.

The most obvious versions of this are the excellent PGA Tour Live for all your golfing needs and MLB.TV, which keeps your finger on the pulse of America’s favorite pastime.

As television rights revenues dwindle, thanks in part to people switching fully to watching all content on their mobile or tablet, it seems only a matter of time before most leagues and teams launch their own dedicated streaming services, looking to cash in on their broadcast rights inhouse rather than sending their customers away from their landing pages and apps.

What Comes Next for Streaming Platforms?

Of course, one of the major threats to the future proliferation of streaming services are the unregulated feeds that are provided online, which operate without the consent of rights holders.

Such streams are a real scourge on this fledgling sector and it seems the only way to eradicate their existence is to provide streaming platforms and channels whose benefits far outweigh peoples’ temptation to use dodgy alternatives.

There is also no doubt that companies such as DAZN will have to work hard to ensure that their products continue to work on new and upcoming mobile models, so that the streaming need never stop.