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The brain is much more plastic than you think. You can shape it, flex it, and stretch it. And, this understanding of brain plasticity is crucial to appreciating the changes you go through from adolescence through your most senior years

According to Brain Facts, “Brain plasticity (from the Greek word ‘plastos’ meaning molded) refers to the extraordinary ability of the brain to modify its own structure and function following changes within the body or in the external environment.”

And, you might be surprised how much your favorite strategy games help your brain health and development. Making those games work on mobile devices lets you exercise your mental muscle at your convenience 24/7. 

5 Strategy Games That You’ll Love Playing on Mobile

  1. Legends of Callasia by Boomzap: You can take charge of the Faeborne, Hundred Kingdoms, or Revenant in your battle for control. Each hero only gets one action per turn, so you must use them strategically to build and improve structures, cities, and resources while moving between provinces and conquering enemy lands.
  2. Demon’s Rise 2: Lords of Chaos: You control Demon Prince Morkam’s army in a battle with Baron Aedin. The combat follows fast and furiously. Your task is to accumulate heroes, gear, and gold. Difficulty levels and rich character options let you strategically move to end run your enemies.
  3. Invisible, Inc: This infiltration game by Klei Entertainment for iOs mixes puzzle play and strategy. You command a team of Invisible, Inc. agents against the tech power of the world’s most powerful corporations. The objective is to enter their strongholds to capture information, tools, and other resources. You can switch gears and grade levels in endless game modes, so the game play never tires.
  4. XCOM: Enemy Within: This game requires the earlier XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The turn-based strategy navigates an alien invasion. You attack invaders from different angles on different maps. XCOM: Enemy Within adds an underground human force, new maps, and new aliens.
  5. Final Fantasy XV:  A New Empire: Free for Android and iOs, the FF15 A New Empire mobile strategy game puts a team of likable characters on the road. Their world is large, colorful, and fun to explore. There are cities, wilderness, and dungeons galore. You can discover and collect treasure, critters, and resources. And, all the while, you test the team and characters.

Upping Your Game says, “Playing strategy games has been a part of human nature for a long time.  They have been around so long that perhaps strategy games help humankind by allowing competition and the resolution of a conflict in an environment that does not end in the tragedy.” But, before you think too seriously, strategy games are just plain fun.

Chess and checkers have given way to mobile gaming apps that challenge the mind, pose mental challenges, and improve your cognitive responsiveness as you play. Real world scenarios or fantasy science fiction universes, strategy games take you places you have never been for play you have yet to experience in mobile device convenience.

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