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NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions iPhone App Review

NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions iPhone App

[app id=”858028697″] NetSuxxess Contracts and Subscriptions is an iPhone app developed by NetSuxxess. This great app can assist you with contract-related issues. Do you know the deadline for cancelling your contracts on time? Do you need to update…

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Tim Cook says Apple are innovating in the Mobile Payments space

apple iwatch

Apple had their Q1 2014 earnings call earlier, and whilst they announced record breaking Q1 financial results, Tim Cook also had a piece to say about the company and innovation. Despite Tim Cook refusing to talk about upcoming…

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Apple announced Q1 2014 results with $57.6 Billion revenue

apple vs samsung patent lawsuit

Apple has just revealed their financial performance for the first quarter of 2014 in a press release, detailing a net revenue of $57.6 Billion. This represents a record breaking quarter for Apple, and it doesn’t just stop there….

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My Mountain of Debt iPhone App Review: Finance Made Fun

My Mountain of Debt iPhone App

[app id=”727702325″] My Mountain of Debt is an iPhone app developed by Fun with Data, LLC. This clever app is a blend between a video game and a personal financial planner. The makers of My Mountain of Debt set out…

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Apple offering 0% financing for online hardware purchases

Apple has today launched a promotion for online hardware purchases which offers financing at a 0% interest rate on any purchase over £449. The promotion, which is due to end on the 10th January, is available across most…

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Alzex Finance iPhone App Review: Home Accounting Wizardry

Alzex Finance iPhone App

[app id=”580127539″] Alzex Finance is an iPhone app developed by Alexandr Shirokov. If you are in need of a solid personal finance tool, this robust little app is a premium offering that really deserves your undivided attention. When I…

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Blackberry’s Manufacturing Partner Calling it a Day

Blackberry’s woes, decline in marketshare, and lack of profits aren’t only the companies problem problem as their investors begin to become concerned with the dwindling performance of the once superior smartphone manufacturer. One of the company’s main manufacturing…

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Receipt Hog iPhone App Review: Earn Cash with Receipts

Receipt Hog iPhone App

[app id=”525373618″] Receipt Hog is an iPhone app developed by InfoScout. This app allows you to earn cash by taking pictures with of your grocery store receipts. If you can take a picture, you can earn cash back!…

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MetaTrader 4 iPhone App Review: Trade Forex from Your Phone

MetaTrader 4 iPhone App

[app id=”496212596″] MetaTrader 4 is an iPhone app developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. The MetaTrader 4 trading platform developed by this company is the most popular Forex trading application in the world. This handy app lets you trade Forex right…

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SavedPlus iPhone App Review: Make Saving Effortless

savedplus iphone app

[app id=”589416237″] SavedPlus is an iPhone app developed by SavedPlus Inc. What SavedPlus sets out to do is quite simple. This app helps users to make their savings “effortless.” How SavedPlus accomplishes this is quite simple. Somewhat akin to…

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