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One of the most popular free iPhone games on the App Store, Tap Pet Hotel is all about managing a hotel for pets.

Developed by Pocket Gems, Tap Pet Hotel features 60+ different rooms, each with different themes, shapes and sizes as well as more than 50 different types of pets, from little puppy dogs to pandas and dragons.

You basically start with the ground floor of your new hotel, and expand by stacking rooms further and further skyward. The more rooms you build, the more income you can generate and the more pets you can unlock. Some rooms offer various pet-oriented services, such as washing, feeding, and exercise. Building these rooms generates money as well as a nice XP boost.

Like nearly all games of this type, you have to return frequently to collect your cash so that you can continue to play the game. If you want to speed up the process, it’s going to cost you extra (real) $$ to purchase coins and ‘treats’.

As far as social features are concerned, Tap Pet Hotel is pretty light on compared with other games in the genre. You can visit a neighbor, which is actually just a random player, and take a look at their hotel, but there’s not really much to do. You can’t really do anything else. There’s no trading or sharing of pets, rooms or items.

Bottom Line: Tap Pet Hotel offers cute animals and simple gameplay, but it’s plagued by the fact that the game’s economy is rigged to encourage the need to shell out real cash to buy virtual treats.

  1. I totally agree with this! I love Tap Pet Hotel (I play every day) but all the items for bones(real money) irritate me to no end! Who in the world has that kind of extra money? Anyone who can truly afford $50 just to play a few rounds of a game should be playing poker in Vegas! Not Tap Pet Hotel on their cellphone! Makes no sense! Most people cannot afford that kind of money and would certainly appreciate the makers of the game so much more if they thought of a “typical” consumer when updating their games! I understand their view in a way…I understand that they’re complete and utter greedy jerks! Most game designers expect to make some money like every other human being, but is it necessary to dangle a carrot in front of our noses and laugh? I can see them having [some] extras for cost, many games are designed that way but to have dozens of the best items costing so much is ridiculous! And that’s not to mention how long it takes to wait for expansions….ugh! Many people complain about the length of wait time for earning coins but that doesn’t bother me! The items above should be viewed by the game designers…pass it on please!

  2. Two days ago my 7 year-old-granddaughter accidentally downloaded two Tap Pet Hotel developers (whatever they might be) on to my ipad and I was charged £144.  Fortunately my credit card company alerted me to the charges almost immediately, but it took me a day and a half to get my money back!

    My granddaughter is not sure how she managed to order the developers, but it must have been very easy to do.    

    I have now banned all my 8 granddchildren from playing the game, which is a shame as they like it.

    Leslie W 

  3. BEWARE!!!!  My daughter accidentally spent almost $200.00 on this app. She didn’t realize she was spending real money. I’ve disputed it, but I’m not sure if I will get my money back. Not cool.

  4. BEWARE IS RIGHT. My daughter just spent a fortune in real money on this stupid game without even realizing it. It is so irresponsible for them to have in-app purchases on games marketed to children.

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