Techniques that are Included in ASO Services

App Store Optimization includes techniques that work towards getting your app on the first page of search results. There are around 2.2 million apps available in the App Store. So if you want to rank your app in this extensive platform, you will have to leverage ASO services. Below are some of the prominent techniques that are commonly used in ASO services in India.

1. Getting the Keywords Right

ASO Services in India enables you to include your target keywords within the keyword field. It is imperative that you select keywords carefully and after thorough research. The keyword you choose should reflect the benefits or features of the mobile app your customers would want.

Pick a unique keyword instead of using the same keyword that you have added in the app title or name. Moreover, rather than separating the keywords from spaces, you should use a comma, enabling you to rank single keywords as well as their combinations.

2. Start with Right Name and URL

The name of your app plays a vital role in the app store rankings. The title of your app should encompass popular keywords accompanied by brand name.

Moreover, make sure you keep your brand name short and concise, and the keyword you select should be able to describe the core purpose and value of the app. Irrelevant keywords or keyword stuffing is not a good idea. 

3. Ratings and Reviews

User ratings and reviews are important factors to rank the app store. ASO services focus on ratings and reviews because they not only impact search engine rankings but also influence the conversion rate.

If you want to get positive ratings and reviews on the app, you have to work towards building a good reputation. Before you launch the app, make sure you thoroughly check it for the bugs. Also, you have to encourage users to rate and review the app.

4. Frequent Updates

Apps that are frequently updated tend to have better reviews, thereby helping you achieve a better ranking. The frequency of updates is a factor considered by both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Therefore you will have to constantly work towards bettering your app.

5. App Downloads

It is quite evident, the more downloads your app, the higher will be its demand and value in the App Store. So you have to work towards increasing the download volume. While you don’t have direct control over the download, you can implement effective marketing strategies to promote your app.

Moreover, you have to constantly monitor user activity in order to see how people are using the app and why they are quitting it. These insights will help you in optimize your app and extend the better user experience.

6. Visual Assets

In addition to textual elements, you should also optimize visual asset of your app for higher conversions. Visual aspects including icons, feature graphics, screenshots, etc. for the app are important ranking factors and should not be overlooked.

Including high-quality images and screenshots with your description, so that users can have a better idea of what they will be getting inside. Ranking your app in the App Store is extremely important and competitive. Above are some of the techniques that will help in optimizing the ranking of your app. To be ahead of your competitors in this game, Infidigit has the best set of experts to support you throughout.

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