There has been plenty of debate over what Bethesda, the developers and publishers of the Elder Scrolls series, are planning to make in the upcoming DLCs for their award winning game, Skyrim.

Skyrim is already over a year old, but Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn have brought many loyal companions of the Dovahkiin back to the Nord homeland.

We have seen a trend with Bethesda games in the past few years – they make a game, add five DLCs and then release the next in the series a year after the fifth DLC comes out.

On that idea, we suspect that Bethesda may be bringing out two more DLCs for Skyrim, before stopping the production and beginning work on the sixth episode of Elder Scrolls, if that happens. With the amount of buzz over Skyrim, we doubt Bethesda will end it here.

For these next two titles, we wonder what we will be seeing. On the first, there was vampires who wanted to take away the sun and just do odd vampire things, on Hearthfire, we got the ability to adopt and build our own home, and on Dragonborn we had to take on the very first Dragonborn.

All of these were fun, but they never really committed or moved the story in any way forward. After you have finished with Alduin, you simply sink back into your little burrow in Skyrim. We want to see the war between the Stormcloaks and the Empire really make a difference and the aftermath.

We know that whether the Empire or Stormcloaks win, another battle with the Thalmor is inevitable. The Empire may hold this off for a while, but  with the Thalmor imposing their rules and power over the lands, it is only a matter of time before the Empire grows sick.

We aren’t suggesting that a full out war over the full map of Tamriel is coming to Skyrim’s DLC, in fact, we can wager all we own that won’t happen. What we can say is this, Skyrim may be the birthplace of the rebellion against the Thalmor and if we get this in a DLC, it could be a great startup for the next game.

  1. I’ve always tried to look at it this way. the Thalmor seem to be the ones everyone hates… but why? True, they are selfrightious jerks, BUT to be fair they are doing nothing worse than any of the other races have done. Remember, cyrodiil once belonged to the elves before humans came, and dont forget how the empire once persecuted both morrowind and black marsh much in the same way, and dont even get me started on how the snow elves, when they once ruled the area of skyrim, welcomed the nords (@ that time fleeing from atmora) to their land, only to see the nords become greedy and take their land, forcing them underground and into the beasts they became. If an expansion with the Thalmor does happen, I truely hope that it doesnt make things so black and white. Nothing so simple as “Thalmor bad, kill them!”, but adds dimension and reason to why, even so much as showing their compassion and “humanity” (“elfity”? I’m not really sure what that term would be). Maybe Tamriel would be better off with them ruling, Maybe they know something dire about the future that everyone else doesn’t. because it is getting tiresome, always using elves as the go-to heartless villains.

  2. I hope there are two more DLCs and that BOTH of them will be about the perpetual animosity between humans and elves. I hope one will be about the ancient human arrival in Tamriel, the Dwemer, the Snow Elves, Saarthal, etc. The ancient war between the Nords and the Snow Elves took place in Skyrim and the final battle was on Solstheim, so this one could be sorta like Dawnguard, where they add new map locations, but not necessarily a whole new map.

    Then, I hope a second DLC is about the modern conflict with the Thalmor and the Aldmeri Dominion. The end of the Imperial and Stormcloak questlines both strongly hint that this is inevitable. I also hope it would involve a campaign to Valenwood or the Summerset Isles, but I can see how Bethesda might want to reserve those locations for a future Elder Scrolls VI. There is a strong possibility the Eye of Magnus might feature as well,
    since the Psijic Order (based on Artaeum in the Summerset Isles) took it
    into possession.

    No doubt Bethesda will write the conflict in such a way that if you side with the Thalmor, you will be able to justify it. In the same way that both the Stormcloaks and Imperials in Skyrim’s civil war had valid motivations so that a player could feel justified in siding with either one. The werewolves/Companions is another that comes to mind. Most inhabitants of Skyrim would say werewolves are monsters, with good reason. And yet if you become one and adopt the mentality of the Companions, you can play as a “moral” werewolf or whatever. I’m sure the Thalmor will be written in such a way that they’re clearly evil… unless you happen to be one, in which class they’re clearly justified. I haven’t played the vampire questline in Dawnguard, but I assume they’re written somewhat similarly, where someone who chooses to be a vampire will be validated in their choice.

    As for “the elves are always the go-to villains”, I was actually just talking to my wife the other day how I liked the Elder Scrolls take on elves… unlike most other fantasy worlds, elves in the Elder Scrolls aren’t really all that wise, and they’re prone to fanaticism – often of a very ugly sort. On the flip side, even races that are traditionally “evil” in other fantasy stories are more of a mixed bag in the Elder Scrolls… orcs being an obvious example. And the werewolf thing I mentioned above.

  3. there’s no point in trying to figure out what the next dlc will be, there just hasn’t been any information released/found. As for the number of “dlc’s” we might see, i’m hopeful for at least 3 more (1 expansion like dragonborn, 1 faction/story line add-on like Dawnguard, 1 small add-on like hearthfire) but of course, there’s no way to tell since all we’ve been able to get out of bethesda is “we’re not done yet”. Of course we’re already 1 year in, so… chances are they’re losing interest in skyrim dlc’s which would mean there’s a chance we’ll only get one more dragonborn or dawnguard sized expansion..

  4. The only problem I find with your ideas is that gamers would have to complete side quests before being able to do the DLC. That is not how Skyrim works, it works on the basis that you have done nothing on the game, and thus you have been cast into a different area.

    To have the Eye of Magnus would mean you have completed all the quests for the Winterhold Mages.

  5. You make the point that every faction and race have their downsides. That is what makes it so fun and hard to choose. Unfortunately I believe the Thalmor have zero tolerance for anyone other than Altmer, so no joining them unless you picked that race.

  6. I personally would like to see a DLC where we can become the emporer, I mean the septim line was made out of descendants of a dragonborn, why not start another line that way?
    For the lore fanatics out there:
    There could be an “imposter dragonborn” trying to claim the throne, that way if you don’t want your character to become emporer the lore can say that it was never proven whether the emporer was the true dragonborn or could simply harness shouts. And their race and gender could be kept hidden.

  7. Also I don’t really want the Thalmor to be resolved, by all means have a full on invasion of skyrim for us to defeat. But I want their demise to be a slow one over 3 games

  8. There’s already a quest about their disappearance. I wouldn’t mind exploring more dwemer dungeons as they’re some of my favs, but a whole dlc would get old. Especially when we know the jist of why they are gone and how it happened. We just lack exact details.

  9. I doubt they would build the whole of Cyrodiil and then patch it off from gamers. It would be nice to see Cyrodiil again though, maybe in the next Elder Scrolls game they will have all Tamriel available.

  10. That could be the dlc to lead into the new game. Dragonborn is crowned the Emperor as it is there royal birthright. Now given that all of our Dragonborns are total power houses masters of dragons and the way of the voice. Surprise Thalmor try attacking this time. It doesn’t matter what kind of elf when i hear about elves i imagine another oblivion crisis. It may be in a dragons blood to rule but in elven blood it seems to be destruction.

    I want to be an emperor or high king really bad (even a jarl). The dragonborn I believe needs a foot hold in skyrim or something. The way I see it and many others, civilians or villains should go to prison because dragonborn said they should. Not civilians go to prison because pig hog Maven Black-Briar wants to have more money.

    I want dlc that allows for me to make a difference and a big one in more than one way. For vanquishing Alduin which I believe is only for the time being. Unless Alduin became so evil he lost his soul. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes another appearance. Alduin was a cool baddy he may have been the main antagonist but they should of gave Alduin way more depth and meaning and way more dialogue.

  11. That is what I want too. If you go with The Empire, the Thalmor move their forces into the holds and then you push them out. If you go with The Stormcloaks, you start holding your holds against Thalmor attacks.

    This leads into the next game, set 10 years later. The whole of Tamriel is the map and you have to battle the Thalmor and take back Tamriel.

    If there is one feature I would love to see in the next Elder Scrolls game, it is more NPCs and troops. It feels unrealistic to have five soldiers try to take over a hold, and succeed.

  12. Well, unmake the empire… but you misunderstand what I’m saying. What I mean is that they should have more depth to them. not so simple, black and white “we want to destroy man” feel they have now, but even an internal struggle. Much like how elisif is with the empire, but deep down agrees with ulfric. Or a real life example, how in ww2 col. Von Stauffenberg was a high ranking Nazi officer, but led an assassination attempt on Hitler. There has to be Thalmor that disagree with their leaders, maybe even fight against them. I read an article once how Bethesda seems to hate their own elves. Dwemer, falmer, in Morrowind, the home of the Dunmer, it didnt even seem like you were on “their side”, even the majority of Oblivions villains seemed to be elves (Camoran, Mannimarco, etc.). I’m more saying this for practicality aswell, since if the Thalmor are just evil, then that would pretty much destroy high elves for future games. Any Character that is high elf would be seen as a Thalmor, @ the least be persecuted or imprisoned, if not executed, since the other races would probably be as merciful to them as they were. No more High Elves. What I’m saying is, since it is a game and Bethesda can write them however they want, maybe give them a chance at redemption like the other races had in Elder Scrolls history. Also, an unrelated topic, but am I the only person who thinks Bethesda may have missed a good opportunity by not having a game that took place during the Great War? Seems like that could have been a lot of fun…

  13. It would have been fun but due to the lacklustre gaming consoles at the moment, having huge armies on the battlefield and around Tamriel would have been very difficult to pull off. This is why I’m awaiting the next Elder Scrolls game, because the Xbox 720 will truly be a console with power.

  14. Now I could totally crush almost every idea you have; unmaking the empire, Thalmor are not evil, and all of the like, but that would make a huge block of text much larger than both of your comments combined and I don’t feel like doing that to this thread. Instead I will leave two links at the bottom of this comment for you (any any) who are interested. I will concede that not ALL High Elves are evil, there is in game proof of this for Talos sake (see what I did there :D). And granted I doubt Bethesda would go through with an in game plot to destroy the Elderscrolls Universe, considering that the Elderscrolls is one of Bethesda’s #1 money makers.

    Now before I leave you I will give a quick synopsis of the two links (and keep in mind this is not an in detailed summery). The Altmer are the purest descendants of the Aldmer (the First Elves from which all elves descend from) who of which were originally denizens of the spirit world but were made mortal when Auri-El (Akatosh) agreed to create the mortal world. When the gods created the world there were anchors made that kept the mortal world (Mundus) out of Oblivion and in turn kept Mundus in tact. These anchors are sometimes referred to as towers and are scattered around Tamriel all except one which was removed by the Psijic Order because it would destroy time when activated. During the Oblivion Crisis the Aldmeri Dominion was reformed originally to be a task force to close Oblivion Gates in the Summerset Isles but then became the political power when the gates finally closed. Through some skewed and possibly mad mindset the Altmer got the notion that if they deactivated the towers the world would be unmade and their souls would be risen to Aetheris and dooming all other souls, including those of other elven races since their blood is not pure enough. So the Aldmeri Dominion has been going around deactivating, or even destroying, the towers until they came to Skyrim where the last tower rest, the Throat of the World. This is the sole reason why there is a civil war in Skyrim, of which was all a Thalmor plot as they had captured Ulfric Stormcloak durring the Great War and made him think that he had uncovered vital information of the Thalmor Plot which lead him to lead the Stormcloak Rebelion in the first place.

    Here are the links if anyone is interested in my “summery”

  15. There are some really well-written, thoughtful posts here (Seer of Truth for one). For my take, I just don’t know that Bethesda commits to anything as wide in scope as a rebellion or war with the Thalmor in a DLC. Now, the idea of the Dragonborn getting a visit from Akatosh and claiming the right to the throne and Thalmor spies trying to prevent that … I could see a variation of that. Bethesda seems though mostly pleased to add Daedric quest lines in DLC, so adding a Divine quest line may not happen. But maybe I’m being cynical. The Dragonborn line to the throne would be easy to write regardless of whether or not a player sided with the Stormcloaks or Empire; or stayed neutral. It could start with a “visit” from Tiber Septim and then a visit from Akatosh … the cool thing, for me, would be bringing the Blades back into full strength to aid the Dragonborn re-light Dragonfires and prove his claim … this also allows for a trip back into Cyrodil which I know many want.
    Anyway, just some randomly offered thoughts. Y’all have a great 2013. Happy New Year.

  16. Yes, Cyrodiil did belong to a race of elves called the heart land elves. They enslaved much of the native human population, which eventually lead to a human revolt and driving out the elves from Cyrodiil. Snow elves did once populate territory in Skyrim, where they lived with now present day Nords. The Nords populated much faster then the snow elves, so they decided to slaughter the Nords by the thousands. It was only in response to the infamous “Night of Tears” the massacring of their people did they drive the snow elves into hiding over a period of war. Remember that the Thalmor aren’t all high elves, they are simply a governmental representation of the Second Aldmeri Dominion. If anything, Thalmor only had one clear reason to during the Great War, to show the superiority of Elves vs Man. This is repeatedly stated by Thalmor ambassadors and justiciars. Aswell as the banning of Talos worship, claiming that no human could ever be a god. And if you plan on bad mouthing the Empire, remember that they are the only ones keeping the rest of the provinces from being ruled by the Thalmor. If you find it racist that it’s always elves, well there’s not much I could help you with there.

  17. @114820d676e500983e1ef424869aeca0:disqus Elves are the bad guys. They took away Talos saying he wasn’t a divine (when he is, remember needing the blood of a god in Oblivion) also it was a sneak attack against the Empire at first. Also the Snow Elves started the thing against the Atmorans. by a giant genocide and the sacking of Sarthaal on the Night of Tears. Plus the fact that the elves believe that they are the most pure and have a divine right to rule because they may or may not be the closest in blood to the divines. Also they demmanded part of Hammerfell. Redguards rebelled and fought the elves… and won. Skyrim is the birthplace of the Empire, humans (excluding those from Akavar and redguards) and Talos the only mortal to become immortal. I’ve been saving Wuuthrad for this day.

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