There has been plenty of debate over what Bethesda, the developers and publishers of the Elder Scrolls series, are planning to make in the upcoming DLCs for their award winning game, Skyrim.

Skyrim is already over a year old, but Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn have brought many loyal companions of the Dovahkiin back to the Nord homeland.

We have seen a trend with Bethesda games in the past few years – they make a game, add five DLCs and then release the next in the series a year after the fifth DLC comes out.

On that idea, we suspect that Bethesda may be bringing out two more DLCs for Skyrim, before stopping the production and beginning work on the sixth episode of Elder Scrolls, if that happens. With the amount of buzz over Skyrim, we doubt Bethesda will end it here.

For these next two titles, we wonder what we will be seeing. On the first, there was vampires who wanted to take away the sun and just do odd vampire things, on Hearthfire, we got the ability to adopt and build our own home, and on Dragonborn we had to take on the very first Dragonborn.

All of these were fun, but they never really committed or moved the story in any way forward. After you have finished with Alduin, you simply sink back into your little burrow in Skyrim. We want to see the war between the Stormcloaks and the Empire really make a difference and the aftermath.

We know that whether the Empire or Stormcloaks win, another battle with the Thalmor is inevitable. The Empire may hold this off for a while, but  with the Thalmor imposing their rules and power over the lands, it is only a matter of time before the Empire grows sick.

We aren’t suggesting that a full out war over the full map of Tamriel is coming to Skyrim’s DLC, in fact, we can wager all we own that won’t happen. What we can say is this, Skyrim may be the birthplace of the rebellion against the Thalmor and if we get this in a DLC, it could be a great startup for the next game.