The 5 Best Dating Sites & Apps In Finland

If you’ve ever been to Finland before then you know that the country has some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Ash blonde hair, grey blue eyes and fair, pale skin – it’s hard not to stare when you’re not used to seeing it.

Let’s face it, dating a Finnish person is a dream come true for many of us, but the opportunities have diminished these days. You can’t really have the occasional meeting while out shopping or having coffee anymore (thanks Covid).

Nonetheless, just because you can’t try your luck in real life, it does not mean you can’t try wooing them through online dating. And if you’re looking for dating sites and apps which will give you the best chances in Finland, we’ve got you covered below!


The name Suomi24 is known in Finland as one of the biggest social media networks. Treffit meaning “date” in Finnish has almost 2 million members. The signup process of the site is quite quick with some added information to fill in on your profile creation stage. Unlike the above sites, however, Treffit allows users access to most of its features, but the free version has a limit to how many people you can message per day (up to 3).


Another dating site whose name is known in Finland is E-kontakti. Its sign up process, unlike the rest in this list, is quite time-consuming, needing about 15-20 minutes. After doing so you finally have a chance to use the site’s features, however they are very basic and you can find them on most dating sites today. The site itself is much preferred to be used with its Premium or Premium Plus subscriptions as they provide the user with more messaging and discovery freedom as well.


With Badoo’s rise in popularity over the last few years, it’s no wonder it’s within Finland’s 5 best dating apps. With a quick and fun sign up process, easy to use website design and the large number of single people signed up, you can never go wrong with Badoo. It’s one of the best dating apps to use if you’re looking for a friend to chat with or a serious relationship.


I doubt this one came as a surprise. Tinder is one of the biggest dating apps worldwide and the same applies for Finland as well. The app doesn’t ask much in terms of information and finding a match has never been this easy. It’s the best app for those who like to chat, go out on dates and even for something a little more naughty.


Another big name landing in the top 5 dating sites of Finland. OKCupid has one of the biggest user bases with a great male:female ratio. The website’s signup process is a little slower than Badoo and Tinder as it features a few Yes / No questions after the profile setup, but those are used by their algorithm to find you the best matches based on your likes.

At the end of the day, choosing which dating site to use in Finland, comes down to your preferences, what you’re looking for and, of course, your location. There’re many Finnish dating sites made to find you a casual hookup, a quick friendly chat or even, a serious relationship.

If Finnish people are what does it for you though, maybe give the above dating sites a try the next time you visit. Who knows? You could come across the love of your life!