The best of Igaming

A brief history of Wagering

Gambling has been part of every culture of humankind since 3000 BC when people in the past started throwing a pebble to judge the outcome of a certain situation that is left unanswered. Life then depended upon the signs of the times and gambling had always been part of it.

Fast forward, the advent of the internet introduced and high-technology was fused and thus created smart innovations in such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, high-end personal computers for better communication, efficient work-related output, convenience in day to day living, and entertainment. In the field of entertainment, online casino is always one of the top leisure that most people prefer. For gambling enthusiasts, one can find online casino sites here. Allbonuscodes is a notable online casino based in Canada because of the variety of games that they introduce as well as the bonuses that they offer.

What is Igaming?

Igaming or online gaming where a gamer has to pay for the outcome of the game is primarily determined by the possibility of the said event.  In other words, Igaming covers all forms of online gambling. Igaming is not just into betting but they also cover cryptocurrencies and binary trading involving online casinos.

What is the difference between Igaming and traditional gambling activity is that in Igaming all activities which involve gambling are done online and are technology dependent. Such as the case of Ronaldo’s Football match. A player who wants to wager online must coordinate with an online bookmaker (a gambler who accepts and pays off bets). Winnings, deposits, and other monetary transactions are also done online.

In a traditional brick-and-mortar casino, all gambling activities are done in one establishment, players have to place their bets one and one with a croupier and with other players. The outcome of the bets is based on the actual event itself.

What is online gambling?

Also known as virtual gambling is a betting activity depending on the outcome of a game or event as introduced online. It is now becoming very famous since it can be played anytime and anywhere using their smart gadget and stable internet connection.

It introduced different kinds of games such as:

•           Casino Games

•           Horse Race Betting

•           Mobile Gambling

•           Poker

•           Sports Betting

•           Lottery

•           Bingo

Advantages of Igaming to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a distributed, decentralized digital currency or money based on cryptographic principles. Simply put, it is a virtual asset protected by cryptography (The science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms). It is supported by Blockchain Technology to ensure its decentralization and transparency. Cryptocurrency cannot be controlled nor manipulated by the government nor the law. 

In online gaming, cryptocurrency plays a vital role and is favorable especially in protecting the players from fraud and shady online transactions.

Other benefits that one can enjoy with cryptocurrency:

1.      Security

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are noted for being the safest when it comes to money transactions for it protects the players’ payments and it can terminate hacking.

2.      Convenience

This is very advantageous to people who travel a lot especially for players who travel offshore most of the time. Cryptocurrency does not require exchange rates, email, identity confirmation, and money restrictions.

3.      Less Payment

Cryptocurrency’s monetary transaction is a person-to-person method between the users so it is cost-effective because it does not involve middlemen like Paypal. Moreover, the fund transfer is faster compared to a third-party merchant account.

Final Insight:

Igaming is the kind of entertainment that we are now enjoying and thus has become part of our lifestyle. It will continue to evolve and it will only get better and more advance in the years to come.