The Best Writing Apps for College Students

Apps have made the life of a student easier and more efficient. When you want to type your research paper faster, there is an app for that. If you want the best writing services, megaessays will help. Once you are done with the paper and need to edit it, there is an app for it.

The thing with apps is that they come in varieties. It is up to you to choose one app over another, based on the help you need. Naturally, every developer will indicate that he has the best app. Such statements will be confusing and could result in the purchase or downloading of the wrong app or an inefficient one. How do you choose the best app among many that could be performing the same task?

. Assess your needs

Developers release apps for different purposes. One will produce an editing app while another will target formatting. It means that each app comes with specific features. It is your writing needs that will determine the specific features you will be looking for in an app. Some apps can perform multiple functions. Instead of using several apps, you can choose one that solves several of your writing needs. Match your needs to make an app better for you to use.

. Check reviews

Users review apps on the app stores and other platforms. Student platforms are also used to review such writing tools. You may also use social media to request peers and fellow students to provide reviews. Such reviews are more reliable because they come from user experiences. Some also come with comparisons to help you to choose the best among apps that could be performing the same function.

. Consider referrals

Ask among friends for the apps they are using in writing. You will get a link or a name to help you in writing your paper. A referral is reliable because it comes from a friend. Friends and peers will rarely recommend tools that have given them a bad experience. As such, you will get the best writing app for your assignment.

. Use trial versions

Most apps come with free or trial versions. These versions help you to access the features and determine whether they suit your needs before you buy or upgrade. Test the app to see its accuracy level, user experience, and confidentiality, among other important elements. You can purchase the app if you feel confident enough. You may also use the trial version to compare prices. You avoid buying two apps where one can suffice.

. At what cost

Apps come at a price. The price will depend on the features you need for your writing apps. Since developers provide free versions, you will only need to buy or upgrade to access more advanced features. You subscribe each month or year to some of the apps. In other cases, you pay a one-time fee. The app you buy must give you value for money.

. User experience

User experience determines who well an app will serve you. For instance, an app that is easy to use will help you to work faster. If you have to search for hidden features within an app, you will be wasting time and eventually delay the submission of your paper. Choose an app with the best user experience to make writing easier.

Here are excellent apps to consider when you have a writing assignment in college


Grammarly is an editing app. It highlights typing, syntax, and poor word-choice errors in your paper. You can use the app in real-time, eliminating the need to edit your paper upon completion.

Grammarly will also help you to check on plagiarism. Comes with a free version to test the features. It will greatly improve the readability of your paper.


Evernote is a note-taking as well as an organization app. It helps you to collect all the materials you need to draft an excellent paper. The app also captures images and voice notes, enabling you to work on the paper wherever you go. It is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also use the app to store samples or communications with the best essay services when you are looking for help.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a collaboration tool. The app enables you to work on a team while referring to the same document. Once you allow access, you can track whoever is editing the document and approve the changes as the admin. You avoid meeting physically yet will still accomplish collaboration goals.


Scrivener is a planning or outlining app. You can create topics and subtopics that generate a logical flow of ideas. The app also helps you to insert images, tables, bullets, and other organizational features. You can also import documents onto the app for easier collaboration.

Writing apps take over most of the peripheral tasks, helping you to maintain focus on your core business of academic writing. Choose apps based on your needs and the features the app will offer. Even as you consider the price, you must be conscious of the user experience.