The Evolution & Future of Online Gaming

Since the advent of technology, online games have come a long way. One of the major reasons for the rapidly growing popularity of online games is the availability of classic games such as Poker, Rummy, and Chess. The easy access to internet services and smartphones has played an integral role in opening the doors to a new realm of possibilities for gaming enthusiasts.  

But do you know how it all started?

The transformation of Online Gaming

It was the time when the internet didn’t exist. In the beginning, the sole purpose of the games was to test new systems. In 1940, “The Nimatron” the machine was invented to play Nim, a strategy based mathematical game. In 1951, Nimrod computer was custom-built to play Nim by a UK based engineering firm ‘Ferranti’ for the Festival of Britain. Steve Russel developed Spacewar! a video game in 1962, the first game which can be played on multiple stations. The first gaming console ‘The Brown Box” was released in 1966, although it failed to achieve the expected level of success.

It is also called the era of arcade games like Sega (Periscope) and Taito (Crown Special Soccer). To make the games more fun and improve the social aspect of gaming, the concept of playing across different networks is invented. From host-based networks to time-sharing, the gaming industry quickly adopted all the technological innovations. The role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons were one of the biggest successes of its day. In the early 70s, due to the advancement of personal computers, the gaming industry started growing.  When the LAN networks came into existence, the real advances were made in online gaming. In the early 2000s, with improvements in computer processor technology and the arrival of the internet, the stage was overtaken by multiplayer games.

Due to the increasing popularity of ‘online’, several industry giants have launched their own gaming networks to capitalize on the craze.  They are investing heavily in the development and launch of innovative games and incorporate new ideas, techniques, and concepts into practice.  Due to the growing competition, every online operator is paying great attention to the service quality (sound, graphics, functions, rewards, etc) to provide a highly immersive and enriched gaming experience to the players and get them to come back on the site to play.

Here are some of the most prominent technological advancements that have changed the way we play games-

  • Mobile gaming
  • Facial recognition
  • Voice control
  • Custom Avatars
  • High definition graphics
  • Wearable gaming control (Head-mounted display, glasses, and watches)
  • Motion control
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Cloud gaming

What To Play

There are a plethora of games available online to satisfy your ever-growing hunger for thrill and adventure. As per your interest, knowledge, and skill-set, you can choose any game to play from the comfort of our home.

Some of the most popular gaming genres are –

  1. Traditional games (Puzzles, Card games, Chess)
  2. Role-playing games
  3. First-person shooter games
  4. Stealth games
  5. Fighting games
  6. Survival games
  7. Simulation games
  8. Racing games
  9. Sports games
  10. Action games

Why Card Games Are The Best To Try Your Hands At?

Adrenaline-junkies across the globe hold card games near and dear to their hearts. This timeless classic is becoming a global sensation these days due to the unlimited thrill and mind-blowing rewards it offers. The rules are simple but strengthening your understanding of the advanced playing techniques requires study and practice. There is no need for any high-end controllers to play the game online. You can join the tables easily through your internet browser without downloading the game. In your free time, you can compete with your friends or other players from across the country easily over the internet. To access your favorite games, all you need to do is sign-up on a Poker site. The game tables are available 24×7.

Real Money Gaming in 2020

Online gaming is called one of the most lucrative entertainment mediums in the world. You can play money games online and win amazing cash rewards.  The online version of card games not only provides a lot of entertainment but also helps players in generating income. Poker is the most popular card game which is dominating the real money gaming industry these days. The game is easy to learn and extremely fun to play. If you want to learn the game, you can get started by reading online articles, watching video tutorials, or becoming a member of online Poker discussion forums/communities. Practice tables are available online where new players can play free poker games to grasp the ins and outs of the game before moving on to play with real money. 

Industry leaders like Adda52 host Poker cash games and tournaments round the clock. Players can participate by paying affordable buy-ins to prove their mettle in front of players from all across the country and take home real cash prizes.

Here is the list of some of the most popular online poker tournaments in India –

  • Godfather 

Prize: 30 Lac GTD

  • Adda52 Millions

Prize: 25 Lac GTD

  • The Ballers

Prize: 22.5 Lac GTD

  • Big Slick

Prize: 15 Lac GTD

  • Inception

Prize: 10 Lac GTD

You can easily download online Poker Apps on your Android and iOS devices to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

More popular than ever before, Poker has completely changed the way players look at online competitive games. It is a strategy based game that challenges the player’s analytical thinking, focus, patience, and decision-making skills. Reaching the top of the game requires a good understanding of human behavior, time management, and probability concepts. The best thing about Poker – it’s so entertaining that you can never get bored of playing it.

There are a number of players who are professionally playing real money card games online and earning their living with it. If you are seeking the perfect way to have fun, relax your mind, improve mental skills, and win mind-blowing prizes along the way, look no further than online Poker games!

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