Tier list of the best Heroes in Overwatch

Here is our Tier list of the best heroes in Overwatch, updated to Patch This new patch is important since it has slightly nerfed some more or less Meta picks with Sigma and Wrecking Ball.

Tier list of the best Heroes in Overwatch

S Tier

  1. Zenyatta
  2. Bulldozer
  3. Sigma
  4. Echo

Well done, Zenyatta is probably the best hero in Overwatch right now, at least the best Heal on this Meta. Although nerfed in the last patch note, Bulldozer remains the best Tank in Overwatch.

Again, Sigma remains in S despite a slight nerf in patch 1.56. Last character added on Overwatch, Echo continues to place himself towards the top of this ranking thanks to a very complete kit and an excellent synergy with the Meta characters.

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A Tier

  1. Brigitte
  2. Fatal
  3. Baptist
  4. Ana
  5. Hanzo
  6. D.VA
  7. Chopper
  8. Mccree
  9. Ashe

As for a good year, Brigitte remains a very solid and versatile pick on the majority of the compositions. Fatale is generally limited by the level of play of its user, but its Kit remains very powerful.

The gap between the best Heal is quite limited since only Zen stands out compared to the other Meta picks, notably Baptiste and Ana, which will be very present in the ranked games.

In terms of DPS, Hanzo has obtained a slight buff in the current patch, a good point for an already relatively powerful character. D.VA is one of his heroes always more or less present in the Meta because of his kit.

Chopper is an excellent pick in addition to Sigma or a Reinhardt, allowing creating a front line with a lot of controls on some maps.

McCree has also found his place in the current Meta of the game by being a good solution to take out some more fragile targets in the backlane.  Ashe remains an excellent choice in this Meta.

B Tier

  1. Trace
  2. Mei
  3. Angel
  4. Moira
  5. Reinhardt
  6. Torbjörn
  7. Soldier 76

Tracer has found a place in the DPS rotation, especially at high level thanks to the return of more dive composition. For her part, Mei is clearly no longer the dominant pick from a year ago but remains a very powerful choice on some cards.

Less prominent than Zen and Baptiste, Ange will always remain this all-terrain Heal appreciated by all thanks to a versatile kit that adapts too many situations. Although mobile and very versatile, Moira still suffers from the nerves that have taken place in recent seasons.

Although the nerves on Sigma and Bulldozer tend to limit the gap between the Tanks, Reinhardt remains a rather particular pick to justify: if you are good with him, it is possible to hard carry as well as to get deleted regularly.

Although generally a situational pick, Torbjörn remains a fairly viable choice in more and more situations. Soldier: 76 takes advantage of some nerves on other DPS to place itself in the viable choices but not necessarily too strong.