Tina & Melody; Monster Hunters

Released by Obsessive Science Games, Tina & Melody; Monster Hunters is described by the developers as a couch co-op, dungeon crawling, twin-stick shooter.

The game is a challenging top-down 3D shooter played out across a total of 50 levels. Join up with a friend and play the ‘couch co-op’ mode – an innovative idea which involves two players using a single device.

tina-and-melody-2Each player controls their character via ‘twin sticks’ from one end of the phone or tablet. One stick controls your movement, the other controls your weapon. But fear not, for those of you without a buddy, there is a single player mode. The controls are generally very responsive, but you do feel as though you’re ‘floating’ around the maps.

The visuals are basic, but for this kind of title, they get the job done. The textures are of a high quality with the overall look and feel of the game similar to something like the old Wolfenstein games.

Tina & Melody; Monster Hunters is played out from a birds-eye-view, and you control Tina (or Melody) and blast your way through hordes of enemies with laser bazookas.

Throughout the levels there are various power-ups which give you limited special abilities as well as chests of gold to boost your score.

tina-and-melody-1The enemies range in difficulty from one-blast-and-forget, to tough and deadly. In true arcade style, there are several ‘big bosses’ that you encounter as you play through the game.

It’s not a game with high production values, but Tina & Melody offers a fun monster-shooting, dungeon exploring co-op experience for you and a friend.

Tina & Melody; Monster Hunters is available now on Google Play.