Toll-Free Numbers Are Making a Comeback

Many companies have decided to get rid of phone lines altogether in favor of online chat support, but this often feels impersonal and robotic, even if there is a real person on the other end. Having a toll-free number for your business may seem like a relic from the past, but many have found that they would rather talk to a person on the phone to get help rather than an online chat bubble.

Toll-free numbers are trending once again, and if you don’t already have one set up for your business through an agency like Ooma, there is no better time to initiate the process. Learn about the benefits of toll-free numbers for your business below to find out why toll-free numbers are back in style. 

1. Toll-Free Numbers Are Easy to Remember

If you strategically select a 1-800 number that is followed by a word or phrase spelled out in the digits or set of numbers you can make into a catchy jingle, your customers are significantly more likely to remember your number and call you up when they have questions. 

This can be a fantastic marketing tool, and virtual phone system providers can provide you with a fully customizable toll-free number in a matter of minutes. 

2. Toll-Free Numbers Look Professional 

When a company lists a toll-free number on a business card or flyer, customers are more likely to think of it as a legitimate and credible business. Toll-free numbers simply look much more professional than a random smattering of digits that could be anyone’s cellphone number. 

Although 1-800 numbers can provide a major boost to your brand’s image, that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to cost thousands of dollars to obtain and service. Virtual phone system providers often allow subscribers to add a toll-free number to the plan for just a few extra dollars per month. 

3. Toll-Free Numbers Can Follow Your Business Anywhere

Has your company relocated to a new part of town or region of the country? If so, don’t sweat your toll-free number, as they can follow you anywhere without any disruptions in customer service. 

Most toll-free number providers will allow you to forward your calls to a new location, or even your cellphone, with a few clicks or a couple of minutes with a customer service representative. 

Obtaining a toll-free number for your business is a simple and cost-effective way to better serve your customers and appear more professional no matter where your business takes you!