Electronic Arts has managed to get two of their on-sale titles up into the Top 5 iPhone Games this week, with the popular Transformers: Dark of the Moon sitting at #3 and the recently updated Tetris coming in at #4. Angry Birds continues to sit in prime position, while $0.99 favorites Fruit Ninja and Tiny Wings make up this weeks best-selling iPhone games.

#1 Angry Birds

The top selling iPhone game of all time now sports a mind-blowing 225 levels packed full of angry action, as well as leaderboards and achievements and a bunch of social features. With new updates released all the time, Angry Birds is one of few essential iOS titles.

#2 Fruit Ninja

A frantically fun $0.99 hack-and-slash game from Halfbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja is no stranger to the top 5 with over 6 million iOS downloads to date. With three action-packed game modes, multiplayer and global leaderboards paired with slick 3D graphics, Fruit Ninja is easily among the best casual games for iPhone. Recently updated to include the new pomegranate fruit – slice it as many times as you can before it bursts apart!


Relive the battle to save Earth on your iPhone in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Play as either Optimus Prime or Bumblebee and take the fight to the evil Decepticons. Featuring 13 fully detailed levels including Chernobyl, Washington D.C. and the Moon, five massive boss battles as well as 13 upgradable weapons from an Ion Blaster to a Nucleon Shock Cannon, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an action-packed adventure.

#4 Tetris

The classic arcade puzzler, Tetris is the perfect pick-up-and-play game for iPhone. Fully re-worked and customized for touch-play by Electronic Arts, Tetris is the ideal game for your next 5-minutes of down-time. Recently updated with brand new retina visuals and Endless Mode.

#5 Tiny Wings

The amazing work of just one man – Andreas Illiger – Tiny Wings has taken the App Store by force since its release and continues to enjoy a Top 5 berth. Tiny Wings is a great example of iPhone gaming done well. Simple to pick up and play, with crisp visuals and a beautiful soundtrack, it’s easy to see why Tiny Wings is a favorite with iPhone gamers. Recently updated to include Game Center support, a new nest, stats page and the ability to play your own music in the background.


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