Top Reasons to Trust Gaming Outsourcing Companies

To create a game, you need to put together a large number of different specialists. These are developers, 2D and 3D artists, testers, animators, technical artists and others. To avoid gathering too large an in-house team and then having difficulty coordinating it, publishers turn to third parties for help. This is called outsourcing gaming services.

Outsourcing is a favorite practice of many large market players. Large-scale AAA projects are usually done with the help of external teams. If it didn’t exist, it would be difficult to imagine how long the creation of such games would have taken. Many people worry about potential difficulties in managing external teams. But practice proves that there are still more advantages than disadvantages.

Why trust game outsourcing companies? We are ready to reveal the cards.

Types of Outsourcing Cooperation

Usually, no one allocates any categories for this type of work. However, it seems to us it makes sense to voice them since they do exist.

The first type is offshore outsourcing. It has nothing to do with a similar financial term and only means that the contractor company is located in another country.

The second type is nearshore outsourcing. This means that the artist you have selected is located in a country bordering yours and does not have much difference in terms of time zones.

The third type is onshore outsourcing. Everything is simple here: it means that you have chosen a company that is located within your country and you will not be bothered by any cultural or legal differences.

The benefits and risks are the same for all types of video game outsourcing. Therefore, further, we will talk about generalized outsourcing as a service of transferring certain tasks to a third party.

Why Outsourcing is a Great Idea

Poor quality, unreliability, difficulty of control – all this is not excluded, but it is quite easy to nullify. In order not to stumble upon an unscrupulous or just inexperienced outsourcing company, you just need to do a deeper analysis of its capabilities.

What does this mean? Everything is as usual: study the portfolio, read reviews of previous clients, pay attention to what is included in the service package. Be sure to discuss all the conditions in advance and make sure that, for example, the services of project managers and testers are included in the price.

Now for the benefits themselves.

Reduced Costs

This is the first and most obvious plus. Firstly, the cost of services for developers and artists differs significantly from country to country. Cheaper labor from India or the Philippines can help cut your costs significantly.

Second, you save yourself the trouble of hiring an in-house team and providing them with everything they need. The third party already has the required hardware and software. Plus, you don’t need to spend resources on training: external developers can get started right away.

Optimizing Workflows

Creating a game involves a huge number of tasks, many of which can be of the same type and very monotonous. Outsourcing them is the best option to focus on the more important aspects of the game.

Instead of burdening your employees with boring, repetitive work, you outsource it to an external team and take on the key tasks that require maximum engagement.

Expand Capabilities

Outsourcing companies may have specialists in areas that are not yet available to you due to, for example, a small staff. This is great because you don’t have to look for expensive, experienced experts on your team. You can just hire them once and hand over complex tasks.

Also, working with firms around the world will help you expand your horizons significantly. Outsourcing studio experts can suggest how best to implement your project, talk about current trends, suggest new implementation options, or even completely rework an idea. With your permission, of course.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of outsourcing are hard to underestimate. You are actually increasing the capacity of your company without hiring new employees and without having to rent ever larger offices with more and more equipment. All shortcomings can be easily leveled out with the careful choice of a partner. To be sure that no trouble awaits you, contact trusted experienced companies. 3D animation services at Kevuru Games is just one of the win-win options. Here you will find advanced specialists who have implemented hundreds of projects and who will help you to realize any of your ideas.

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